Here are a few tips for entrepreneurs to stay focused and busy during the holidays. Keep in mind that the holiday season is a great time for entrepreneurs.

I was on my way to the office yesterday and ‘it happened.’  I came across holiday music on the radio!  It seems every year it comes earlier and earlier, but this time I was not ready. With this time of year, comes the hustle and bustle of finding gifts for others, but it’s really supposed to be about appreciating those people in our lives who mean the most to us.  Why do so many get so stressed out during the holidays about time?  Are you able to make time for others during the busiest time of the year??

Why is it that when I ask to schedule time with someone for business, they ask me to follow up with them after the holidays?  That answer happens because the average person believes this time of year is for slowing down to reflect.  Actually, this time of the year is to get as much done as you can before the New Year hits and to set yourself up for a stellar 2018.   My next thought after listening to the holiday music and feeling my heart start to race was, “I’m an entrepreneur, it’s not a holi-month, the next two months only have two actual holidays.” Then I thought about how many families need me to sit down and help them make sound, long-term financial decisions before 2018 begins.

Entrepreneurs have a life that many people don’t understand.  We work weekends and holidays, they start out broke and struggling to fund a dream that seems  they are chasing by themselves.  And then somehow, everything starts to change and they have more time and money than everyone who doubted them when they started.  

What can the entrepreneur do at this time of year to stay on track and thrive right now?

  1. Always focus on the big vision of what you want for your life. Holiday times will come and go, but consistency is what wins. If you’re thinking about the life you truly want, you will breeze past the people who take the holidays off.
  2. Keep true to your daily routine. Yes…of course you should be with your family and enjoy your time on the holidays (and you will not be perfect), but stick as close to your daily regimen as you can. Continue working out, eating right,
  3. Start reviewing your goals for 2017 to what you have accomplished and what more you have to do to finish the year strong.
  4. Set new goals for 2018 that make you a little scared.  The goals you set must be a stretch or they will not excite and push you.
  5. If you are not doing this already, commit to reading your goals out loud twice daily with passion and emphasis.  Please see Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill pg. 35 for the reasoning behind this step.  

Working as entrepreneur with Virtuity Financial Partners, I have been taught to max out every day to prepare for a life when everyday feels like a holiday.


Written by Gillian Giorgio in collaboration with Jewel Johnson

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