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Last week, Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that the Threads would be adding a “Trending” feature to the platform. Despite claims to the contrary, this makes the app more similar to its predecessor, X. But is the Metaverse version an improvement or a knock-off? 

On March 19th, Zuckerberg followed up on a prior Threads post that U.S. users could see the hottest topics… 

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The platform’s algorithm determines subjects worth displaying with AI based on two factors.

  1. The number of posts made about it.
  2. Plus, the amount of engagement on those posts. 

This latest in a series of new Threads features — Trending —  is familiar to veterans of the social media streets.

Nonetheless, there are notable differences between the similar section on X and the Meta version… 

Are These Platforms’ Features REALLY That Different? 

The Threads Trending was designed to be less overwhelming than the app formerly known as Twitter. 


Additionally, X has a whole section dedicated to what’s trending where Meta users access this information from their search bar. 

Although these apps seem to be becoming more similar, developers at Instagram deny this claim. 

The head honcho at IG, Adam Mosseri, made this Threads post about the intent of the social media site. 

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That being said, since the Threads trending topics launch a couple of the top subjects have been:

  • Trump Sues ABC
  • Alina Habba

As of right now, the public has yet to fully determine its text platform of choice. 

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