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I’m about to confirm what many people suspect:  Rich people really do hide from ordinary folks.

And when rich people hide… their knowledge hides with them. 

It’s why you’ll mostly hear money advice from people who never earned a dime.

No wonder many “regular” people are clueless about getting wealthy!  

There’s a reason why rich people hide.  It’s not because they’re selfish. 

The top 1% of earners in America contribute 33% of all charitable donations.  

The average $2 million earner gives away 14% of their income.  That’s a big chunk of earnings! 

It’s also a much larger chunk than lower-earners donate, by the way.  

(The average $500k earner donates just 8% of their income.)

When I was a kid, it killed me that no one reached out to show me how I could get rich.  

I always wondered why rich people hid from people like me…

Until I got rich.

Then, the minute I opened my mouth about my Bentleys, my beach houses, or my Gulfstream 550 private jet –  the haters crawled out of the woodwork. 

They said, “Oh he’s just showing off with his cars and his planes and his apartments.” 

Thing is, I’m not trying to impress you. 

But I am trying to show you what’s possible. 

How many times have you been told that rich people are bad?  Or that rich people aren’t happier than you? 

This is false information. 

It’s information that programs you to make less money and achieve less than your potential.

I always say that you can’t have what you hate.  You also can’t have what you can’t see.   

And that’s why I made a promise.  

I promised that if I ever made it – I would keep the curtains open.  And I want everyone to see what’s possible when they have the right information.

I had no role models on my way up.  For 30 years I guessed my way to success.  

Nowadays, I’m connected to the world’s richest and most successful people.  

These are some of the most secretive people on the planet. 

I learn from them every day.    

Should I be the only one who benefits from their wisdom?  

For too long, the people who need this information have been locked out of wealthy circles.  

Today, I’m offering you a way in.  It’s through 10X Growth Conference.

And you’re invited from February 14-16, 2023.  

10X Growth Conference is the only event I know where you can hobnob with hundreds (if not thousands) of rich, successful people.

It’s an event where you can connect with countless future clients, partners, and mentors. 

But listen…

I’ve already sold out of Executive seats for 10X Growth Conference.  

VIP seats are the only seats I have left  Though I expect to run out of VIP seats TODAY.  

If you jump in today, you can still save over 80% OFF a pair of VIP tickets.

I have so few tickets left, I ought to pull this discounted rate… but I really want you to come.  

I’ll leave the link here so you can take me up on this deal.

Keeping it real, 


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