The phone keeps ringing off the hook at Steve Griggs Landscape Design as more and more New York City residents choose Rockland County as the location for their country retreat.


Forget about the three hours to the Hamptons and the LIE parking lot, Rockland County increasingly is the location of choice for NYC residents seeking a country home and Steve Griggs is their landscape designer who makes their dream getaway a reality. 


With clients like Dr. Oz and the Palisades Center Mall and lots of prestigious awards nationally, Steve is experiencing recognition for his talent of delivering a brilliant landscape plan offering top value.

With more than 30 years of experience, Steve brings amazing creative skills to  every design challenge. 


Steve was recently contacted by a private client in the city.  An old barn with a house in Grandview on the Hudson attracted his whimsy and the chance for his kids to hear the birds, play in the woods and kayak in the Hudson, clinched the deal. 


Before Steve designed and built his pool, the new owner use to swim in the Hudson.  Some of the design features Steve built into his property include a spa, pool with auto cover, outdoor fire pit, an Argentinean grill for barbecue, night lighting and teak furniture. 


The new owner loves the hiking trails behind the house and viewing eagles fly over the river and mountains.  The new owner and his family enjoy the bustling activity of Nyack and nearby Piermont. But most of all the easy commute to the city is only 45 minutes away for the family. Steve explained: “What I do is put together the design for the client. I create the vision, put it down on paper, then execute it. “I put together the entire team from engineers to landscapers. The team and I orchestrate everything. The client only deals with me. It eliminates delays. It is almost like a conductor in an orchestra.


Any decent designer can create the vision and put it on paper but it’s all in the execution,” said Steve. “I promise the clients they would be swimming in their own pool by a certain date and hold everyone accountable. “The big factor is trust with the client and the client trusting you. To basically dig up the property (looks like a bomb hit) and create something beautiful in the end.” Here is what the happy homeowner said about Steve. “Steve Griggs and his team were fantastic.


He completely transformed and enhanced my property. “He designed the pool, a beautiful patio, fire pit, grill, extensive plantings, landscaping, a complete drainage system, stone work, concrete, brick work, lawns, pruning, everything! Steve was also a pleasure to work with. He came in as a stranger, referred by a real estate broker and by the end I considered him a friend. “I was a first-time homeowner and he really held my hand and walked me through the whole process. “I never once felt that as a novice I was being taken advantage of, and he worked hard to ensure that we had beautiful results within our budget.


He even helped us find painters and people to help with projects inside. He also would repeatedly check to ensure they were on task! I would hire him again in a minute.” You can see his commercials on Cablevision, Verizon and HGTV and on local sports and news. Steve lives in Blauvelt and you can call him at 914-879-5602 or visit his web site at

Want to get in contact with Steve Griggs?

Call: 914.879.5602







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