Spirit Halloween Locations

Spirit Halloween locations are as mysterious and spooky as the season itself. The chain seems to appear out of the darkness and into the bones of abandoned retailers. Despite this, it takes a year-round effort for the costume store to find new haunts — but it results in eerily good profits…

Spirit Spends SCARY Time Looking for Storefronts… 

Although Spirit Halloween does business online 365 days a year, its brick-and-mortar stores are only open two months! 

In that short time, the spooktacular outlet

  • Opens 1,500 storefronts
  • Employs 40,000 seasonal employees
  • Has “almost zero” inventory turnover

But, the real secret to SH’s success is the lengths it goes to get the best deals on real estate. And with more big box stores like Bed Bath & Beyond closing, landlords are happy to have a tenant… 

Even on a short-term basis. 

A representative from the creepy company made this comment to CNBC: 


Nonetheless, the business is always looking to secure next year’s spots with these bargain leases. 

Early commitment is the key to these deals, but there is another piece to its profitable, pop-up model.

 How Spirit Halloween Locations Profit From Dead Space

As you may or may not know, Spirit Halloween is not picky about where they set up locations… 

This flexibility contributes to the prime prices they get for their physical shops. Similarly, Spirit does no renovations because they are only there temporarily. 

On top of that, it takes only 11 days to open a Spirit of Halloween store. As a result, they can also get last-minute cost cuts from property owners. 

The brand even uses the fact they open in closed stores as a part of their marketing. 

Spirit Halloween does this by marking what their locations used to be on their website’s store map. Self-awareness has become part of the fun. 

In the end, it takes a spine-chilling amount of work to make the Halloween season come together in a profitable way… 

And that is, they never have it end. 

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