Billionaire Illustration

Most people focus on whether they could be a billionaire or not.

The answer is yes – if you’re willing to pay the price.  Most aren’t.

And the next question is always “how?”

I’ll tell you exactly how to become a billionaire in a moment.

But today I want to focus on a different question…

There are 614 billionaires in America.  

Should you be the next?

Should you even try?

People have a lot of baggage around the word “billionaire”.

They say billionaires are greedy…

But all the ones I know are incredibly generous.  They give to charities… even set up massive foundations so that their giving becomes institutionalized.

In other words, they give back in a way that will last long after they’re gone.

They also say billionaires don’t pay taxes.

But for many billionaires, it’s impossible to pay more taxes.  That’s because the bulk of their compensation comes from investments that aren’t taxed.  Or are tax-deferred.

The whole financial system is set up for them NOT to be taxed.

Which is besides the point anyway…  

Elon Musk has said he’ll pay $11 billion in taxes this year.

But even if he pays $0…

Look at the tax revenue he’s directly and indirectly responsible for…

Taxes on sales of Teslas…

Income taxes for all of his workers…

And the list goes on.

The truth is, billionaires make the economy move.  And through their innovation, they create revenue out of thin air – including tax revenue.

Here’s the point…

If you really think billionaires are bad, then you probably shouldn’t be one.

If you think billionaires are good – or can be good – then you should.

Again, the next obvious question is “how”.

And rather than tell you, I want to show you.

Keeping it real,

–   Grant Cardone

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