Seller Beware

seller beware

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Fellow 10X’er…

You’ve heard of the phrase “buyer beware.”

Well, when it comes to residential real estate in 2022… it’s now “seller beware.”

Here’s why…

In June, about 403,000 homes went under contract to be sold.

But about 60,000 of the deals fell through.

That’s more than 1 in every 7 sales falling apart.

Which is the highest default rate since Covid brought real estate to a grinding halt in 2020.

Why are more buyers backing out?

Because inflation rates are driving mortgage rates through the roof.

The Fed recently raised rates by ¾%.

Which might not seem like a lot.

But it’s the difference between a whole lot of people being able to carry the payments or not.

And even if those buyers are willing to fork over the extra dough… the banks may no longer want to lend to them.

Here’s the takeaway…

Inflation is going to make it so more and more people have to rent.

Which is why occupancy rates in many of my multifamily properties are at an all-time high.

And we’re able to command higher rents, too.

In other words, inflation is good for multifamily real estate investing.

But I keep telling you that 🙂

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Keeping it real,



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