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Let’s say you want to smooth your process of selling… 

I’m talking buttery smooth to the point that you’re closing deals… 

Without you or your customers even feeling like you’re “selling” at all.

Sound good? 

Well, keep reading because I’m going to break down the simple fundamentals you can use to make it happen right now. 

Here’s the story… 

A big mistake I see a lot of business owners and salespeople make is looking for tricks or “hacks” to make more sales. 

But the problem is… 

Sales are built on trust.  And no gimmicks or tricks are going to help you build trust with your customers. 

You’ve heard them.  “Mirror your prospect. When they lean forward, you lean forward.” 

Or my favorite… “Get into ‘state’ before you start your sales process.” 

Look, by the time you’re “getting into state,”?  I’m already closing the deal! 

Tricks, gimmicks, and “high-pressure” sales techniques always lead to one result…

“I need to think about it.”  “Let me talk to my spouse about it.” etc.

See all these “objections”… They’re decisions the customer made for one simple reason. 

They lacked trust. 

Trust in you, trust in the product or service, or trust that was lost somewhere during the sales process. 

And when they don’t trust, they don’t buy.  It’s as simple as that.

Now before I get into the #1 way you can overcome this issue, let me break down…

What You Should Never Do If You Want to Make More Sales

1) Never Sell With Words

Business owners and salespeople might think that it’s all about what they say and how they say it, but the truth is… 

You need to sell with documentation. 

What’s the deal… What’s the value… And what’s in it for your customer?

Show, don’t tell.

2) Never Negotiate With Words

Always, always, always put everything down in writing. 

The key points of the deal.  The customer’s pain points and desires that they verbalize to you.  And the exact details of what they’re going to get from doing this deal. 

3) Never Make Verbal Promises

Again.  Put it in writing.  I’ve even gone as far as pulling up my competitor’s offer and then making a promise in writing about what I’ll do to beat them. 

See, if you look closely, you’ll notice a trend. 

It’s the writing.  The documentation.  The data. 

Because more data equals more trust and credibility, which leads to more closed deals.

But as important as these 3 steps are, they’ll all be useless without this…

The 1st Rule of Selling

I want you to think for a second about the last argument you had. 

Maybe it was with your spouse about where to go for dinner. 

Or maybe it was with your son or daughter because they didn’t want to get ready for school this morning. 

What’s the real issue in both of these scenarios?  Totally different circumstances, but the same underlying problem. 

It’s a lack of agreement. 

And it’s the same in sales regardless of your product, service, or niche. 

Because the 1st rule of selling is…

Always, Always, Always, Agree With Your Customer. 

And I’m not talking about “the customer is always right” because we all know it’s not true. 

But regardless… Always agree! 

See, a lack of agreement leads to friction, and that’s the LAST thing you want in your sales process. 

You want your process to be smooth like butter?  Agree with your customer…

And then move into the negotiation or close. 

“Your price is too high.”  You’re right, and I get it.  In fact, I’ve heard the same thing from a lot of my customers.  Now let me show you why and why this deal is a no-brainer.

“I can’t make such a rash decision.”  I agree. In fact, I never make rash decisions, and I wouldn’t expect you to, either.  In fact, let me show you my competitor’s offers so you can see why this would be a solid decision for you right now. 

Sounds easy, right?  Maybe. 

But here’s my challenge to you.

Spend the next 24 hours agreeing with everyone about everything. 

And I mean everything. 

“Mom, dad… I want cookies for dinner.”  You’re right! That sounds like a good idea. 

“Honey, I think I’m going to get a neck tattoo.”  Wow! That sounds awesome, hun! 

Now, are you going to have cookies for dinner or go with your spouse to the tattoo parlor? 

Nope.  But you are going to agree with them before you transition to the negotiation. 

So, here’s my 2nd challenge to you. 

Practice everything I laid out in your business for the next 30 days… and watch how buttery smooth your sales process becomes. 

And when you’re done?  Email me back and let me know about your results.

Keeping it real,

Grant Cardone

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