How to Save the Deal – Young Hustlers Live

Sales is not complicated. It’s a fluid cycle. Not a bunch of steps that you have to take. You have to ask yourself what you can do to save the deal. First, pick the people you know. Lean on them. I expect my family to buy from me. If your own family won’t buy from you, how are you going to close somebody else? Don’t overcomplicate sales. Drop the tricks. You don’t need to take an NPL class to get more deals. The name itself should already tell you. Why would you need to take a science class to close a deal? That’s just stupid…. Close the Proximity Between You and the Target! Just like when you were a kid you said when you wanted something from your momma—you closed the distance by coming over and grabbing her leg. You didn’t ask for a new puppy from across the room. You closed the distance. That’s how you need to approach your customers. The closer you get, the more deals you’ll close. Ask Hard Questions ● What else can I do to save the deal? ● Why won’t you buy from me? ● Why aren’t you buying from me today? ● Is it me or the deal? You have to stay top of mind with people. You have to be breaking news. Some of you think that your business is different. It’s not. How do you make a happy customer? You close them! http://www/
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