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Retirement is over, folks. 

At least that’s what 72% of working-age Americans think. 

Most people believe that – due to massive government failure…

Social Security will be scrapped within the next 30 years. 

Personally, I wouldn’t want to live off that $1,668 per month government hand-out. 

(It costs me more than that to run my private jet for less than 2 hours!). 

Now, you may never want to own a private jet… but likely want more than what $1,688 can give you.

Back when I was a kid…

I remember hearing friends, neighbors, and teachers planning to retire on just 2 sources of income:

Source #1 – their monthly social security check 

Source #2 – cashing in their 401(k)

Perhaps this is your retirement plan too.

If it is, I don’t blame you. 

We’ve been programmed to believe that this is the “sensible” way to save for our future. 

But if you do the math, what you discover might shock you. 

Let’s say, by age 67, you’ve saved as much as the average American in your 401(k).

That’s around $255,000.

And let’s say you live to age 79 – like the average American man.

It means you would retire with a monthly income of around $1,770. 

If social security still exists (which it probably won’t)…

You could bump that number to $3,438 per month. 

Not too shabby? 

But what about the IRS?  They want their cut.

Utility companies want their slice of your income too. 

Then there’s food, clothing, and shelter.

Before you know it, you’re searching for coins down the back of the sofa – just to “treat yourself” to a Starbucks.  

And that’s BEFORE you factor in emergency repairs, rising bills or surprise medical expenses.

(I say “surprise” medical expenses… but the reality is, it’s rare NOT to require medical treatment at some point in your life).

Suddenly, the future does not look so rosy for the average middle class American. 

Now, I don’t care if you’re 10 years away from retirement.

Or if you’re 40 years away from retirement. 

I don’t even care if you plan never to retire. 

The point is this:

The future we were sold is broken.

The middle class way of living is over. 

And what scares me is…

99% of people are sleep-walking their way to financial ruin – and they have no idea what’s about to hit them.

99% of people believe they are “doing the right thing” with their money. 

So, if you’ve been saving money the way your daddy told you – consider this a wake-up call.

A 401(k) won’t save you.

The government won’t save you.

Only YOU can save you from the dismal future that lies ahead for most people.

The good news is, it’s not too late to undo the damage.

But the sooner we get started, the better.

We need to reprogram the way you think about financial security and wealth-building – starting immediately. 

So here’s what I’m going to do:

In a few minutes’ time, I’m going to email you a book.

It’s 250+ pages long.

And I want you to start reading it right away.  Read the first 6 pages today.  

These pages will get you thinking about money in a whole new way.

It will kickstart your journey to building real financial security and wealth.  

Then, I want you to read as much as you can over the next 4 days – and let’s reconnect next Friday, Saturday and Sunday to talk about what you’ve learned. 

I’ll be waiting to discuss everything with you at 10X Boot Camp Interactive (November 4 – 6)

All you have to do is grab your ticket today, and I’ll immediately send you the book I just mentioned.  

Most people do not want to work until they die. 

But many people will be forced to because they did not wake up and smell the roses in time.

Don’t be like average people. 

The link to save yourself is here.  

Keeping it real,

Grant Cardone

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