When you are thinking about legal ways to avoid the sales tax on your aircraft or vessel purchase, you realize you don’t know enough about it to attempt it on your own. The fact is that you have a confusion or an area of “not knowing” the process or the laws well enough to create the certainty of an outcome that meets your needs.

This area of discomfort can be eliminated if you understand there is more than one definition to the word “order”. When you first have the feeling of confusion it can be manifested in many ways. A spinning feeling may result as you feel that you are in a small tornado as many facets of the questions seem to be spiraling around you. This can frustrate you because you are normally in command of most things in your life. Your normal solution is to attack the chaos and bring some order to the area.

The simplest way to attack the sales tax question is to hire an aviation or vessel sales tax expert. Because of his experience he can bring “order” to this area of your life. The primary steps he uses to accomplish this are usually a series of orders that you, the buyer, must follow in order to be successful.

Therefore, if you are willing to let someone give you orders then he can bring order to this area of your life. This relationship with the sales tax expert will create a stable datum for you as you go through life and make larger purchases. You no longer have a confusion or an area of “not-knowing” in the sales tax consequences of making an aircraft or vessel purchase.

This relationship is similar to the one that you have with your pilot or skipper. As you move upwards through the type of property you purchase you make sure your pilot or skipper stays current with the new aircraft or vessel. A sales tax expert must be actively working with your state on a regular and voluminous basis to keep up with the constant changes that are part of any states strategy to collect revenue from your type of purchase.

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