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If you happen to enjoy tropical rock and the occasional cheeseburger in paradise, then you’re in luck. The iconic Florida Highway A1A is going to be renamed after the man who put Margaritaville on the map, Jimmy Buffett.

Head to Margaritaville On The Jimmy Buffett Memorial Highway

A bill passed with unanimous support in the Florida Senate would rename Highway A1A in memory of musician Jimmy Buffett. 

The highway, which begins near the Georgia border and ends in Key West

Is already a designated historical and scenic byway.

After all, the drive is an alternative to the speedy drivers headed south on I-95 and features stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Buffett, (not to be confused with Warren Buffett, although the two were good friends) made the Florida Keys a landmark of relaxation and beauty. 

It only seems fitting that the man who put the Keys on the map as a tourist destination would also have the road to it named after him.

Rocking For A Cause

Jimmy Buffett coined the phrase Margaritaville, making it synonymous with the beachside town where it’s always 5 o’clock

But he was also an active philanthropist.

Additionally, To remember the pirate who kept on giving…

The Florida Senate also passed a bill that would introduce a “Margaritaville” specialty license plate. Proceeds from the license plate would go towards a charity founded by Buffett

Which benefits victims of hurricanes and other natural disasters. 

All that awaits the bill is a signature by Governor Desantis. Let’s just hope he doesn’t have a change of attitudes (or latitudes)

Until we can coast along The Jimmy Buffett Memorial Highway, let’s raise our novelty Margaritaville glasses…

And remember the man who got us all looking for that lost shaker of salt. 

Be Great,

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