Magic Words that Close Deals Fast

If you sell for a living… or hire people who do… then you need to read every word of this email.

That’s because what I’m about to share with you is a simple phrase that – if you use it – will single handedly skyrocket your sales.

It’s a secret weapon.

I’m talking about doubling or even tripling your sales – with just a few magic words.

Imagine the power that has in your life or in your business!

Imagine doubling your revenue or commissions… and all the good that extra cash brings into your life:  More security.   More confidence.  More money to invest.  And more ability to give back…

All from a simple phrase that will take you 5 seconds to memorize.

By the way, this secret – and others – are what we’ll be going deep on in the 10X Business Boot Camp that’s just 10 days away.  If you want to arm yourself with the tools to 10X what you’re doing, get yourself there.

Anyway, what is this magic phrase that closes sales fast?

Well, it has nothing to do with opening a conversation.  It has nothing to do with qualifying a prospect.  And it has nothing to do with setting more appointments.

Big companies use this tactic all the time.  When they do, it pushes you over the edge to buy.  And you probably don’t even notice them using it.

It’s as simple as it gets.  And it just works.

I know – I’m building this up a lot.  That’s because – once you see how simple it is – your first instinct will be to dismiss it.  That’d be a mistake.

Will you commit to using this phrase today?  If you have people you love who are counting on you for higher revenue and higher income, you better.

OK, time to spill the beans.

The magic words I want you to start using in every pitch are…

“This offer is good for today only.”

Here’s the idea…

Many of your prospects are right on the edge of buying.  They’re on the fence.  They want to buy – but they have no reason to buy NOW.

So, why not wait?

The solution is to add urgency to your pitch.

When you do, your prospect’s mind shifts from what they get to what they’re going to lose.

The fear of missing out is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe.

So, use it every day.

There are a couple of keys to making this work…

  1. The bonus you offer should be something your prospect really wants.  It’s even better if it’s more valuable than the main offer. 
  2. It has to be real urgency.  If you say you’re going to take something away at midnight, mean it.

Look, a strong offer with the right urgency built can transform your business.

And it’s just one of the things we’re going to go deep on next week.

If you’re serious about your life and your business, you need to be there.

By the time you leave the bootcamp, your offer will be so strong, people would be silly not to take you up on it.

Keeping it real,

–   Grant Cardone

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