Lie Kills Businesses

There’s a big lie that kills businesses you need to know about…

It’s trendy in economic contractions like we’re in now…

…which makes it all the more urgent that I warn you if you want to grow your business and create wealth.

Because people are scared.

Most business owners are gearing up and “bunkering down” for tough economic times.

They’re shedding “excess weight”…

…tightening up the purse strings…

…and cutting expenses to weather the storm.

But they’re selling their souls for a lie.

A lie that could utterly kill their businesses (and yours too).

It’s this:

“To grow my business I need to reduce my expenses.”

In other words, they’re retreating.

But let me ask you…

When was the last time retreating gave you any expansion?

Can cutting costs help you grow a family?

Can cutting back on study time increase your learning?

Or, can cutting your marketing budget increase your presence in the marketplace?

Of course not.

Retreating can only reduce your activity.

Retreating can only shrink your business.

And the results speak for themselves…

Many businesses that go into “bunker mode” never return.

They cut themselves off…

…hang on as long as they can…

…but ultimately die a drawn-out, painful death.

The only way to grow your business is to ACCELERATE.

No slowing down…

No retreat…

…just pure full-speed-ahead acceleration.

Let me break it down…

There are 4 main ways to accelerate your business:

1. Sell more stuff

2. Add new customers

3. Increase prices

4. Raise money

And none of those options allow for retreat…

They all demand increasing your activity…

…spending more time, money, and effort to fill the void your competitors leave behind when they retreat. That’s why economic troubles are massive opportunities to expand your business.

While everybody else is pinching pennies thinking they’re “smart…”

You’ll be dominating the industry and showing them they’re acting like idiots.

Look, your business grows when you decide to expand — no matter what.

That’s how I created my multi-billion dollar empire and I want to help you do the same.

Be great,

Grant Cardone

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