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Job openings may have bounced back from pandemic-era cuts, but remember, not all job openings are created equally. In recent years, online job boards have been flooded with “ghost jobs”, scaring off potential applicants. 

So who is behind these ghostly openings?

But more importantly…

How has this phenomenon become such a huge issue for job seekers?

How Did Online Job Boards Become Filled With Ghost Jobs?

Since the end of the great resignation, job growth in the U.S. has been on a steady, but certain climb.

In 2023, employers added 2.3 million jobs with the monthly average adding 225,000 jobs. Many economists are optimistic about these numbers, yet job-seekers are more than wary. 

Not only are those looking for jobs dealing with wave after wave of layoffs in virtually every industry…

Now they have to worry about ghost jobs on online job boards too. 

Ghost jobs advertise positions that have either already been filled or positions that recruiters have no intention to fill. Essentially, when ghost jobs are listed on job boards…


Ghost jobs are usually spotted with the common label: “Posted 30+ Days Ago.”

With the plethora of non-existent positions being uploaded on job sites…

Recruiters want people to know that not all positions that look like ghost jobs actually are

Due to a lack of hiring resources…

It can take longer for recruiters to look through every application.

Yet, many recruiters are also the ones populating online job boards with these haunting faux opportunities.

…and most of the time, ghost jobs are all for show. 

Ghost Jobs Turn Recruiting Sites Into Opportunity Graveyards

In a study by Resume Genius, a U.S.-based company helping workers create their resumes…


Not to mention, in London, Standout CV found that more than a third of job listings in 2023 were ghost jobs. 

But how are these fake jobs finding their way onto online job boards

Well according to hiring managers… It’s to keep up company appearances. 

More than 40% of hiring managers list jobs they aren’t trying to fill to give the impression that the company is growing and healthy

To make matters worse, 34% of job listings are uploaded to satiate employees. It keeps these workers who are asking for additional help pacified. 

Companies that keep job openings up because they’re “always open to new people” are contributing to the skepticism of job-seekers. After all…

Anyone looking for a job is going to be haunted by ghost jobs everywhere they turn.

How Are Job-Seekers Navigating Online Job Boards?

Finding a new job has always been a game of strategy

Now applicants have to discern if the positions on online job boards are real or not. 


Some are trying to take more time studying the job opening and the company that posted it and choosing to apply to a few niche jobs with few applicants

And others are using AI to apply to open positions on online job boards regardless of whether the job is real or not. 

Ultimately, companies that upload ghost jobs are effectively shooting themselves in the foot. Not only are they losing the trust that potential applicants have in them…

But if they need a REAL position filled, they would’ve scared off potentially hundreds of applicants due to their ghost job reputation

And the only thing scarier than a reliance on fake job positions…

Is not having talented employees when you need them. 

Be Great,

GCTV Staff 

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