first neuralink patient

After the sudden announcement that Elon Musk’s company, Neuralink, put an implant in their first patient’s brain…

We finally have more information about the technology and footage of the patient putting their implant to use. 

Here’s what you need to know…

On March 20, Neuralink hosted a livestream on X, formerly Twitter, to demonstrate the first patient to receive their brain implant.  

The patient, Noland Arbaugh, was speaking about his experience with the technology and the surgery…


Arbaugh said the implant also gave him the ability to play the videogame Civilization VI, which he played for hours on end. 

After a driving accident in 2016, Arbaugh was left paralyzed from the shoulders down. However, in the livestream, he mentioned that the surgery was “super easy” and that he was able to leave the hospital after a day. 

What Lies Behind The Tech?

While this is not the first instance of a brain implant being used to move a computer cursor (the first instance of this was in 2004)…

This is the first time we’ve witnessed the patient be able to talk while using the new technology. 

Previously, it was only possible to use this new technology while focusing intently. So it is noteworthy that Neuralink has allowed for the first patient to multitask with this technology. 

Neuralink’s implant is about the size of a coin. The tech uses microscopic wires to read brain waves and send those signals to a receiving unit. 

While we’ve yet to see the fullest potential of this tech…

Neuralink’s success with its first patient means a promising future for Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) tech…

And an even more promising future for medical devices that could help countless individuals.

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