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Last week, Unilever — distributor of hundreds of consumer goods — announced their intent to “spin-off” its ice cream unit. This included brands like Magnum, Talenti, and Ben and Jerry’s. The megacorporation claims this is to strengthen and improve the performance of its portfolio. But, is that the real reason? 

Ice Cream Sales Ain’t Doing So Hot… 

With more consumers looking to beat inflation, paying top dollar for sweet treats is not a priority. As a result, Unilever is cutting its ice cream division by 7,500 jobs and setting it up as a separate entity. 

The idea is that after the demerger both the ice cream and other companies under the Unilever umbrella will experience growth. 


At the same time, UL’s cluster of frozen dessert brands generated $8.6 billion in revenue last year. And, it even boosted the Vermont-based Ben and Jerry’s on their social media… 

Furthermore, Unilever has tried to “separate” other sections of its portfolio with little success. 

Head of equity research at Quilter Cheviot, Chris Beckett, commented to CNBC on the brand’s past similar strategies… 

“Historically, Unilever’s decision to sell its tea business did not lead to a transformative impact on the company’s operations or value. It stands to reason that this latest move to split off the ice cream business may follow a similar pattern, offering no substantial metamorphosis.”

So, there is speculation that Unilever is — in truth ‚ looking to distance itself from Ben and Jerry’s. 

Especially after shareholders sued the goods juggernaut in 2023 over B&J’s stance on hot political issues… 

Is Unilever Breaking Up with Ben and Jerry’s or Vice Versa? 

Even after Unilever acquired the ice cream brand in 2000, it has been run by an independent board. 

As such, Ben and Jerry’s has made polarizing decisions and statements that have made Unilever investors nervous. 

Further evidence of this being a move to appease shareholders is that stocks in Unilever rose 5.6% after the announcement. 

Whatever the reason or motives behind the spin-off, it will be completed by 2025. 

The growth — or lack thereof — in revenue of either corporation is yet to be seen.

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