Zane Samuels 10X Pitch-Off winner

As more information comes from the 10X Hub in South Africa, we’d like to feature this 10X Pitch-Off winner profile of Zane Samuels. Just as a reminder, the participants have no internet access outside the Hub. 

The second winner announced by the Grant Cardone Foundation is 26 year-old and has two degrees in clothing management and fashion design. Zane Samuels will be using the $35,000 seed money towards her business, Zane Couture. Her business is, you guessed it, a fashion brand. 

Zane Samuels has always been fashionable

From a young age, she remembers liking to express herself through how she dressed. 

I remember dressing in bright colors. I would always cut-up my Barbie’s clothes and put them back differently. 

— Zane recalls about her lifetime interest in fashion

Zane found herself working a corporate job after college, but couldn’t shake her desire to pursue a career in designing her own clothing line.

However, she had no idea how to start her own business. 

That’s when a friend suggested she register with Labit and get involved in the 10X Hub.

Since then, Zane has strengthened her financial management and administrative skills through this program. Zane has also started exploring the option of using social media influencers to market her brand. 

My favorite part of fashion design is to see it transform from the idea or picture into the actual garment.

— Zane Samuels

We can’t wait to see Zane use her prize money to help her business take shape. Keep checking back for more winner updates. 



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