You will be surprised to learn the identity of Hollywood’s youngest producer of all time… and so was she! 

Up next in our 10X Kids series, we’re shining the light on Marsai Martin. The young woman was only 14 years old when she earned the title of Youngest Hollywood Executive Producer from the Guinness Book of World Records.

Marsai grew up flipping through the pages like most curious kids but never expected to be in it herself:

“I was very shocked for sure. For me, I could have never imagined being a part of something like this, I am so beyond grateful to be part of it.” 

— Marsai Martin for Guinness Book of World Records

However, her tinsel town story began well before breaking this record. 

The youngest producer in Hollywood has been on a roll for years

Before she started making movies, Marsai Martin was a television star. She is most recognized for her role in the hit show Blackish. Nevertheless, her creativity isn’t limited to acting. 

Marsai first came up with the premise of Little, the movie which earned her the GWR, in the living room of her house. 

The story of Little features an overly crotchety boss who turns into a kid again. In this child form, the boss learns the error of their ways. 

After developing the storyline and presenting it to Blackish creator Kenya Barris, Martin became a producer. But she wasn’t content sitting behind the camera. 

Marsai Martin also starred in the movie!

“It was so fun and so exciting because I always want to create things that make me happy. It’s insane when it actually comes to fruition.”

Representing the possibilities 

After the movie wrapped, Marsai is busier than ever. She has two more movies in the works and is also active on the seventh season of Blackish.

Marsai Martin’s goal is to be a role model and example for other young black girls like her. 

“I hope that all the young Black girls out there really see how a change can really happen, just by being yourself, just by any imagination you have that can run wild. You only live once so go for it.” 

At the moment, the youngest producer in Hollywood is only 16. There is plenty of time to break through more glass ceilings. 

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Featured image source: Marsai Martin by Tayo Kuku / Instagram; Background edited by GCTV staff

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