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Trends of the Youngest Millionaires —

This article isn’t about the millions; it’s about interrupting the belief system you currently have, and educating you on how to build real wealth. Being a millionaire is very rare in our society. Some work their whole lives and never reach the status. Of course, they’ll validate anyway they can saying things like “I don’t care about money,” “Millionaires aren’t happy,” “I don’t need that much money,” and I’m sure you can think of 30 others validations. The exciting news for all those that aspire to become millionaires is that the number of young millionaires are rising year after year. They’re also getting younger and younger. That’s exciting! I have been around my fair share of extremely successful young professionals, made my first million before 27, and have a mentor that made his first million when he was 21. You don’t make a million by accident and if it’s not a goal you sure as hell won’t hit it. Let’s talk about what I’ve discovered over the past 10 years, and what the common themes you see in all these Young Millionaires are. These are facts, not theory. Let’s go!


The best companies on the planet LOVE young talent. They love those who are on purpose, and they love those who have a sense of urgency to their life. Realize, now matters more than any other time, and the “someday isle” mentality is killing so many dreams. I know people who have been in the same company for years, but haven’t advanced. Opportunities are only opportunities if you’re taking full advantage of them. Young millionaires always do, and they are consistently reaching for new goals and ambitions. You MUST have a sense of urgency that most of society doesn’t have if you’re serious about success.

Elevated Influence

Behind every young millionaire you’ll find an educated and wise mentor. I have yet to meet any millionaires or billionaires who don’t have mentors that guide them, challenge them, and always focus them on bigger thinking. They understand deep down that it’s impossible to grow, learn, and become the person needed to reach the million mark without an exceptional network behind you. Success rises and falls on who you associate with so make sure you stay aware of your surroundings. You can systematize a lot of things, but you can’t systematize time so make sure you’re always spending it with the right people.

Maximizing Their Strengths

One of my favorite Gary Vaynerchuk quotes of all time is

“I suck at 99% of stuff, but I go all out on that 1% I’m good at.”

We’re conditioned by our teachers, peers, parents, uneducated coaches, and everybody else pumped to give advice that you must “learn to work on your weaknesses,” and “Strengthen your weaknesses,” but all young millionaires focus 100% on their best skills and strengths. They learn to surround themselves with people who compliment their weaknesses, or they delegate them. You’ll never get wealthy focusing on things you aren’t good at. Whats your 1 thing? What can you become the best at? Now, once you master that area, and start producing real results, you can then move to something else. The jack of all trades is seldom exceptional at anything, and usually broke as well.

Never Trade Time For Money

Young Millionaires realize they’ll never become wealthy trading time for money, and neither will you. It’s ok for awhile, but at some point you have to focus on scaling and leverage. One of the reasons Entrepreneurship, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, and Internet Businesses are growing exponentially is because of the endless possibilities. It’s not easy, and it takes risk, but you must see past the risk and focus on the rewards. Focus on the power of leverage and how to create consistent income without trading time for money. Investment properties, membership sites, building brands, partnerships, etc. Take some time to really analyze if you’re maximizing your time. If you are trading time for money make 100% sure it’s an intelligent trade. If you want to make more money become more valuable. It’s as simple as that. Millionaires become millionaires because they’ve added more value to the marketplace than most people, and they understand the power of leveraging and scaling their businesses.

They Could Care Less

You must drop the need to be liked if you want an extraordinary life. People who care what others think of them will always be limited to others opinions. You best believe Young Millionaires take very few opinions and have a extremely thick skin. (Check out my 1o min podcast about “How to build real mental toughness” and subscribe here) When you pursue greatness don’t expect others to support you, because you’ll represent the courage, strength, and vision they don’t yet have. The remarkable innovator, Steve Jobs use to say

“your time is limited so don’t waste it living somebody else’s life.”

Young Millionaires trust their vision, and have an unshakable confidence in what they do; even when everyone else is doubting it. I challenge you to stay fearless in everything you do. The reason most don’t take risks, live on the edge, or push the envelope is the fear of what others might think of them. If you want to live the life you truly deserve, one of significance and fulfillment you must give up the need to be liked by everybody. Will Smith said it perfectly

“Trying to get everybody to like you is the most common chosen road to mediocrity.”

I challenge you to take these seriously, and become more intentional in all you do. Most people spend the first half of their lives saying they are too young, and the second half saying they’re too old. The time is now, and there is no tomorrow for champions. This is the greatest time in human history for those who take 100 percent responsibility for their economic well being. Respect to you and the progress you’re making towards a world class life.

For more exclusive content and no BS business strategies, check out my show “The Entrepreneur Grind” on the Whatever it Takes Network.

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