Youngest Black Law Graduate
Featured image source: Tal Campbell / Haley Taylor Schlitz

At 19, Hayley Taylor Schlitz isn’t just about to be the youngest black law school graduate in America. She is also an author, public speaker, and advocate for gifted students of color like herself.

Hayley will graduate from Southern Methodist University as the youngest law school graduate at SMU. In addition, she will be the youngest black woman to graduate from law school in the country. 

Schlitz completed high school at the age of 13. After that, nine law schools accepted her.

However, her story until this point is equally impressive.

The youngest black law school graduate always excelled

Hayley Taylor Schlitz comes from Keller, Texas. She did attend public schools until the fifth grade. But she and her parents became frustrated with the public school system. Namely, because of the school’s failure to recognize her as a gifted student. 

“Society will lose out on the potential scientist who cures a major disease, the entrepreneur who starts the next Amazon and so much more. All because of their gender and/or skin color.”

— Hayley Taylor Schlitz on racism as part of public school struggles

After the shift to homeschooling, she excelled. The young law school graduate says the opportunity to pursue what she truly wanted in a homeschool environment made her successful. 

During this time, she co-published a book with her mother, Dr. Myiesha Taylor, called The Homeschool Alternative: Incorporating a Homeschool Mindset for the Benefit of Black Children in America

Hayley is passionate about the issues students face in similar situations as herself. Throughout her college career, she has spoken out about policies that limit opportunities. 

But what does Haley Taylor Schlitz plan next?

When Hayley finally becomes the youngest black law school graduate, she wishes to continue as an advocate. She also wants become a law professor. 

“I really want to help students realize their potential even if they can’t home-school. I want to help families open their eyes to the opportunities that they don’t even realize are there.”

— Hayley Taylor Schlitz for the Dallas Morning News, 2019

Through the story we shared here in the 10X Kids series, it’s clear that Hayley is truly an example of what’s possible with massive action and refusing to stay average. To learn more about supporting similar high-performing children, check out 10X Kids University.

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