For a lot of people, a career where you can express yourself would be a dream come true. This week’s featured 10X Kid actually did it. Here is the story of the successful young fashion designer and artist Isabella Rose Taylor. 

Most toddlers play with finger paint. However, Isabella Rose Taylor showed serious artistic talent from an early age.

When she was eight years old, her art was being featured and sold in a major art gallery in Dallas, Texas. 

As impressive as that is, Isabella’s success inspired further creativity. After that, she wanted to pursue mixed medium in her artwork. That is what motivated her to take a sewing class at summer camp. 

This fateful class transformed her into a young fashion designer.

“Where did you get that?”

As a result of what she learned at summer camp, Isabella Rose Taylor began designing and making her own clothes. Friends, schoolmates, and strangers would stop and ask about her handmade couture. 

Slowly, she started selling clothes through trunk shows and social media with her parents’ help. 

By 13 years old, she had caught the attention of Dell. The company partnered with the young fashion designer to host a show during New York Fashion Week. 

Isabella Rose Taylor is the youngest designer to have her creations sold at select Nordstrom department stores. 

Better still is that she has no plans of stopping. 

Giving art legs as a young fashion designer

Currently, the young fashion designer is studying International Business at NYU and running her fashion line, IsabellaRoseTaylor.

Aside from this, she continues to paint and write poetry. 

“If art had legs, it would be fashion.”

— Isabella Rose Taylor’s personal motto, according to Fast Company

Isabella Rose Taylor is an example of what you can do when you set higher and higher goals.

Take note, and never lower your targets. 

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Featured image source: Isabella Rose Taylor Designs / Facebook

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