Work Weekends Illustration

Two weeks before Christmas, Grant hosted his Real Estate Summit. It meant Grant and I worked for 3 days straight – including over the weekend.

A lot of people might criticize us for working the weekend so close to Christmas…

When we “should” have spent that time making festive memories with our two young daughters.

In the past, criticism like this hit me like a kick in the teeth.

No matter how much money or success you create… when you hear people judging your parenting – it knocks your confidence.

Nowadays, I’ve stopped listening to the haters and the naysayers…

Because I’ve learned to keep my own counsel.  

Sure, not everyone wants to structure their lives the way Grant and I do…

But when I face big life choices, I value only 3 types of opinions: 

My own opinion, my husband’s opinion, and the opinions of relevant and proven experts. 

Grant and I know precisely where we’re headed in life. 

And it’s because we have a clear purpose.  Our kids share our purpose too.

Ever since they were in diapers, my daughters have understood they are on Team Cardone.

Grant and I raised our daughters with fire in their bellies… and the drive to contribute. 

It means Grant and I can travel the world – to places where entrepreneurs and real estate investors haven’t heard our message yet.

Our daughters don’t complain.  They join us for the ride!

It means our daughters hold down the fort for us if Grant and I are working late.

It also means we can host weekend events, like Grant’s recent Real Estate Summit… and our daughters are with us – smiling from ear to ear.

A photographer caught this image of Grant and Sabrina.

Tell me, does Sabrina look sad that her papa is working on the weekend?

Sabrina and Grant Cardone at the Real Estate Summit

Of course not!  

In fact, Sabrina had a blast learning about investing, underwriting deals, and participating in one of the best industries in the world.

I don’t know about you…

But I think Sabrina made some pretty great memories that weekend!  Wouldn’t you agree? 

Weekends like this are just one of the ways we’re building solid foundations for our kids’ futures. 

We’re also:

  • Building sustainable, multi-generational wealth that can shield our kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids from unplanned catastrophes…
  • Showing our daughters that they can achieve success in all areas of their lives – if they have the right information…
  • Inspiring Sabrina and Scarlett to make a massive, positive impact by helping others.   

This is all part of building our family’s empire

And I’m going to show you how YOU can do the same inside my Build an Empire Course

You might already know that I’m offering this course at a heavily-discounted price of just $270.

But with the holiday season ending… this deal is about to end too.

So, if you’ve been on the fence about buying the program, now is the time to jump in.

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Build an empire, 

Elena Cardone

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