Early Wednesday morning, June 29, 2022, American hero and last WWII Medal of Honor recipient, Woody Williams, passed away at age 98.

Hershel “Woody” Williams was the last living recipient of the Medal of Honor from the Second World War.

In spite of this incredible commendation, Williams continued to live a life of service — even after leaving the United States Marine Corps. 

To honor Woody’s legacy, below is an overview of his heroic life. 

Medal of Honor Recipient Woody Williams’ Gallant Life

On October 2, 1923, Williams was born in Quiet Dell, West Virginia. He was the youngest of eleven children. Woody would continue to live in West Virginia for the majority of his life. 

While enlisted in the USMC, his bravery in the Battle of Iwo Jima would earn him the Medal of Honor. During the battle, Williams went headlong into enemy territory and destroyed their emplacements with a flamethrower. 

As a result, he received the Medal of Honor for gallantry from President Truman on October 5, 1945. 

Woody Williams’ passion for supporting other veterans was a running theme through his life.

After leaving active service, he worked in the Department of Veteran Affairs for 33 years. 

Woody’s dedication was recognized by the Huntington VA Medical Center. In 2018, it was renamed to the Hershel “Woody” Williams Medical Center. It was in this medical center where he passed away. 

The Embodiment of a True American Hero 

The outpouring of appreciation for him has been seen all over social media. 

Friends, family, politicians, and Americans from all walks of life have been making posts mourning the Medal of Honor recipient’s death. 

However, none sum it up as well as the representative from Woody Williams’ beloved state of West Virginia. 

Featured image source: Hershel Williams Medal of Honor Foundation

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