Wine Wednesday- Taboo Questions About Your Appearance and Altering Your Image

Think taboo talk. Do you want to ask specialists ANYTHING? Well, so do Holly Signorelli, The Money Therapist, and Bethany Williams, Host of 3 Days to a Raise. We will have guests on our special ‘Wine Wednesday’ episodes that give us a chance to ask questions on key topics that affect our work (but under normal circumstances we would never ask). This episode deals with appearance. We invited world renowned dermatologist Dr Martin Kassir, to answer questions about skincare, aging, and looking great no matter how young or old we are. When should I worry about anti-aging? (you’ll be VERY surprised at the answer) What should I be doing to look good? This is a great eye opening show answering the questions that you all have but are afraid to ask. Watch the show to look better now, and learn how to better spend your money on appearance enhancing treatments (and yes- GUYS do this too- BOTH young and old). Network With Us: • Subscribe to Whatever It Takes NetworkFacebook – Whatever It TakesTwitter – @BethanyaWill Listen To Us On Podcast: • iTunesStitcher
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