Will Smith Oscars Ban

This year’s Best Actor winner, Will Smith, just got banned from the Oscars for 10 years. It’s been almost two weeks since he slapped comedian Chris Rock at the 94th edition of the Academy Awards.

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, everyone knows what happened at this awards ceremony.

While Chris Rock was presenting the awards for Best Documentary, he made a joke about the hairstyle of Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith’s wife. Pinkett Smith has alopecia and shaved her hair last summer.

Will Smith responded to the joke by stepping on stage to slap Chris Rock. He then returned to his seat and shouted “Keep my wife’s name out of your f**king mouth!” — twice.

The Academy’s reaction: Will Smith banned from Oscars for 10 years

Now, the Academy didn’t address the situation during the live broadcast. It’s also stated that they allegedly asked Smith to leave the Oscars but he refused.

A statement issued by Academy reads: “During our telecast, we did not adequately address the situation in the room. For this, we are sorry. This was an opportunity for us to set an example for our guests, viewers, and our Academy family around the world, and we fell short — unprepared for the unprecedented.”

Just today, the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences “decided, for a period of 10 years from April 8, 2022, Mr. Smith shall not be permitted to attend any Academy events or programs, in person or virtually, including but not limited to the Academy Awards.”

While the Bad Boys and Men In Black superstar can’t vote or attend the Oscars for the next decade, he can keep the Best Actor award for King Richard this year.

The day after the incident, Smith took to Instagram to apologize:

There’s risk in speed

Despite how Will Smith felt about the situation at the Oscars, in this case, his emotions ended up costing him. Not only money, but also prestige, promotion, and future opportunities.

Even though I believe you should make decisions quickly and confidently, that doesn’t mean you should throw away what you’ve worked so hard to build.

It’s hard to live your life in the spotlight. But when you make decisions — especially as someone in this position — make sure they’re coming from a place of logic.

Only decisions made with confidence and speed will lead you to where you want to be in life.


Featured image source: screenshot from ABC / YouTube


  1. Emotions cloud reason – there’s a difference between being impulsive and making short, sharp decisions. One keeps the long-term vision in mind, the other does not. That said, Will Smith still enjoys astounding success & wealth and in all likelihood work out a way to benefit from all the attention around the saga. He’s been in show business long enough to understand how things work! Chris Rock certainly already has – take a look at how many tickets for his upcoming tour he’s sold since.

  2. I don’t how it is in the USA, but in my country joking with disease and human misery is not humor. It is at least as blameworthy as physical violence.


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