From a young age, I wanted to be successful. In spite of that, no one who made money seemed to be sharing how they did it. That made me frustrated and curious. Why do the super rich hide away?

After achieving billionaire status, I have my own ideas of why the wealthy play things close to the chest.

The reason why the super rich hide away is pretty evident. Once the door to your life is open, people are going to give their opinion. Then most of the time, their opinion is very critical. 

“The ambitious are criticized by those that have given up.”

Of course, nine times out of ten, this is due to envy. Nevertheless, that negativity wears a person down. 

It causes successful people to withdraw. Therefore, none of them are showing others what they have or what they’re doing. 

The super rich may also hide to protect those close to them from this harsh evaluation. While unfortunate, but it is a factor. 

With this is mind, I am going to explain why they shouldn’t retreat from the spotlight. 

Why the rich should pull back the curtain

Next, let’s talk about why the rich hiding away is the wrong move. 

As I mentioned earlier, I always wanted to be wealthy. I know what it would have meant for me to see what steps these powerful people took. I know that seeing what incredible wealth could buy would make success more real for me. I could see that it COULD be done. 

In short, I would have been inspired and motivated to take action.

For this reason, my wife and I decided to not hide once we achieved success. I understand why the super rich hide away. But I want to help out the future generations.

That’s what really matters.

Be so great you get some hate,

Grant Cardone


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