One of our company core values is: Embrace and drive change. What does that mean?

What is change?

You know… Change is painful. Changing your routine is something that feels a little bit uncomfortable. And: Embracing and driving change means actively getting out of your comfort zone and changing things – the way you do things. For example: Let’s say you’re implementing a new email marketing software with superior features… …Something that we just did, twice this year. Why this example? Because just like with people, if you buy software, if you use software, you only really get to know it when you work with it. A trial, even if it is 1 or 2 or 10 weeks, can give you the same experience as working with a person. And then you have to make a decision.

The hard choice… to change or not to change

Do we change again? Oh yeah, we have to change again because we believe in that. Or: “Oh no it’s so much work, we need to do that and we need to do that…” This is the opposite. Complaining that it is so much work, complaining that it’s not possible… If you go to some big companies like IBM, I guarantee you 90% of the people there are like that. “No no it’s not possible, we cannot change it.” This is why big companies get slower and slower and slower. The percentage of people that are fighting change is growing and growing and growing.

Want to get ahead? Embrace change… And leave your comfort zone

You want to actively fight this instinct of not changing. “No no, I wanna stay here.” Let me tell you that fun in business and life starts that moment you leave the comfort zone. Embracing and driving change is just about that. Thank you.

Want more?

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