What It Takes To Grow Your Business


Outsourcing. Online business. Solopreneur. I know it’s the popular “in” thing right now, but I’m here to tell you that you can’t outsource everything and expect to grow your business.

Look, real companies serve real customers and hire real people.

They hire them, train them, educate them and invest in them so they can service their customers and grow.

Most people in the outsource mindset worry about hiring people, but it’s not because it costs money…

It’s because they’re worried about getting new money

You’ve gotta know how to get new money because that’s what allows you to hire that secretary, that support team, or that manager you need to scale.

Grow Your Business

And, to be honest… You’re not scaling because you’re scared. 

It’s not because you’re not motivated. It’s because you don’t have the information necessary to go get new money to pay for employees. New money to pay for manufacturing. New money to pay for whatever you need. 

You don’t know how to go get the money so you stay small, but staying small is what’s costing you money! At some point, you gotta start thinking differently. You gotta build! And, that’s my point… 

You gotta grow the business and quit playing the small game. 

If you want to uncover how you can get new money and quit playing small so you can build a thriving business then make sure to check out the video above. 

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