What Are Your Non-Negotiables

Building a successful empire means that you and your partner need to be on the same page. To do so, you must be clear on what your non-negotiables are — above all else.

Everyone has a vision of what their ideal life looks like. Furthermore, people have different things they will not allow in their lives. 

Those are what your non-negotiables are. 

Despite this, it is surprising how often I see others end up in relationships with people who bring these “deal breakers” into their space. As a result, it hinders both of them from reaching their full potential.  

It is sad to see. Nevertheless, I am sure you can think of friends and family members who have found themselves in that situation. 

Here is how you can ensure you don’t make compromises in your relationships that you don’t want to. 

How do you determine your non-negotiables?

I am sure you have a “sense” of what your non-negotiables are. However, putting them together in a list makes them real to you. Suddenly, you feel more certain in your conviction. 

I want you to include everything on your list. Literally write down everything you want in your perfect life and partner. 

Equally important, write down what you will not allow. For example, drug use.

An interesting thing happens here if you are not already in a relationship. You’ll notice people who exhibit your non-negotiables appear less and less in your life. 

Next, if you do have a partner, have them make the same list. Then, swap your lists and look them over. Doing so gives both of you the opportunity to discuss and work out if you are on the same track. 

Performing this simple exercise will save a lot of time, heartache, and disappointments down the road. Don’t rush through it! 

To wrap up, a relationship that can create true success has both parties aware of what their non-negotiables are. You can’t build an empire with cracks in the foundation. 

Build yours without compromise,

Elena Cardone  

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