Week of May 9th, 2016

Whatever it Takes the Season finale premiered with bang on Friday Night! Catch up on the ultimate Job interview dirty gritty grungy do you have whatever it takes to get a job keep and show up find out how the applicants did grantcardonetv.com/whateverittakes. New Show premiered this week Brad Lea owner of Lightspeed VT rocked 5 new episodes check out his show everything on how to be an entrepreneur, how to stop hating on money, how procrastination is limiting your advancement. Check out his show the bottom line premiering on Grant Cardone TV. Lee Haight is back with 10X prospecting, he took to the road again interviewing clients on how to find new prospects for your business, what it takes to secure them and grow your pipeline in sales. Check out his show grantcardonetv.com/skydiamondstv. The federal reserve, Grant rocked the house with an extremely controversial and confronting show about the federal reserve and is money really backed by anything. here do banks get their money from? Money is anything that is excepted for value. The dollar is not backed by gold. The country is $20 trillion in debt. What are you doing to protect your money? What is the validity of the Federal Reserve? Grant is beginning to do a little homework on the Federal Reserve. When he doesn’t know what’s true and what’s not, he does tests. Grant tried calling some of his banks to see if he can get $1 Million of his money out and they said they didn’t have it, incredible shocking and really eye opening experience about money and the wealth that exists in this country check it out grantcardonetv.com/cardonezone. Jarrod and Grant exploded onto the scene with ruthless or get run over be ruthless! Ruthless is having or showing no pity for others. Do I need pity? If something bad happens to Grant don’t show him pity. Why would you need to give others pity? You need to get pity-less. But you need to be 100X ruthless on yourself before being 10X ruthless on the world. Don’t ax someone right away. Handle them first. IF they don’t respond in kind get them out of there! Check it out grantcardonetv.com/younghustlers. Grant and Elena addressed a very interesting topic regarding self loathing. What do you do to handle it? Are you doing things that make you self-loathe? It could be about your body or it could be financial shame. Maybe it’s your car or your clothes you don’t feel good about. The key to remember is that it’s normal, but the important thing is not to stay there. Get busy and focus on what you excel at! In this episode Tom McMurrian sits down with another Bit Coin industry leader Brock Pierce, Brock Pierce (born November 14, 1980) is an American entrepreneur and former child actor. As a child actor, he was in Disney films The Mighty Ducks (1992), D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994) and First Kid (1996). Pierce hes been involved in the establishment of digital currencies and virtual goods. He founded Internet Gaming Entertainment in 2001 and Zam in 2003. Many of Pierce’s companies have operated in this virtual space. Dre all day baldwin is back with how to get rid of performance anxiety. You just haven’t been properly taught how to handle those nervous feelings and make them work for you instead of against you. Dre Baldwin is here for you. Listen up.
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