Week of May 16th

Welcome back to Monday, its deal day, its time to make some money awesome webinar this weekend with Grant Cardone massive massive turnout with extreme amounts of highly valuable information. How to Become a Millionaire there is a plan for that and Grant Cardone laid it out in style this Saturday. Don’t worry if you did not have a chance to see it you can catch up and still get access right now at http://grantcardone.com/millionaire. Anthony Powell was in studio this week, host of the Rise I had an opportunity to sit down with Anthony for an introductory interview to discuss the future of his show, what audiences can learn about the network marketing and affiliate marketing industry. Tune into the rise every Tuesday at 4PM his first episode is airing tomorrow. Dre all day dropped his do not fake it till you make TED X talk its live on the Grant Cardone TV, awesome content there is no such thing as faking it but rather learn how to harness the best version of ourselves, check it out plus the other six episodes he dropped on https://grantcardonetv.com/dreallday Brad Lea and the Bottom Line is dropping content everyday day this week tune in this guy is giving Dre a run for his money as far as content creation is concerned, Brad’s latest episode about a no negativity policy aired on Friday check out his show and the other content he is bring some serious value to the network. https://grantcardonetv.com/thebottomline. The main man GC dropped a real estate show on the network and taught audiences when and how the best way to invest in real estate. He discussed how to first 1.Increase your income 2. Save the extra 3.Invest savings and why real estate is the best investment for your money to grow exponentially over time and achieve the financial freedom you are looking for. Its live https://grantcardonetv.com/cardonezone David Frangioni and I sat down to discuss how the people you surround yourself with greatly effects your success, your performance and overall attitude, David live from the road went into with me on the tips and ideas to best know how to build your circle and business and what qualities make a trusted employee and friend. Its live on grantcardonetv.com/yourrockstarbusiness Jarrod and Grant rocked young hustlers with some mind boggling information about millionaires. Did you know that 1 out of 5 millionaires own their own business. 4 out of 5 work for someone else. Preparing for this past weekends webinar Jarrod and Grant get you into the right frame of mind to get started with making your millions check it out on Grant Cardone TV.com/younghustlers. The dynamic duo Elena and Grant exploded in the G & E show this past week talking about why getting rich is a family affair. A house divided against itself will not stand. It’s not just being on different pages, sometimes spouses are on the same wrong page what do you need to do to be a team, get the wifey and the husband on track and start building your marriage and secure your finances. Check out their episode https://grantcardonetv.com/geshow More to come this week you can still access the how to become a millionaire webcast thats available at http://grantcardone.com/millionaire If you have not subscribed to our podcasts check us out on iTunes and Stitcher still ranking in the top five. Tune in next Monday at 10AM for GCTV Weekly Updates.
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Star of Discovery Channel’s “Undercover Billionaire,” Grant Cardone owns and operates seven privately held companies and a private equity real estate firm, Cardone Capital, with a multifamily portfolio of assets under management valued at over $4 billion. He is the Top Crowdfunder in the world, raising over $900 million in equity via social media. Known internationally as the leading expert on sales, marketing, and scaling businesses, Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author of 11 business books, including “The 10X Rule,” which led to Cardone establishing the 10X Global Movement and the 10X Growth Conference, now the largest business and entrepreneur conference in the world. The online business and sales educational platform he created, Cardone University, serves over 411,000 individuals and Forbes 100 corporate clients throughout the world. Voted the top Marketing Influencer to watch by Forbes, Cardone uses his massive 15 million plus following to give back via his Grant Cardone Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring underserved, at-risk adolescents in financial literacy, especially those without father figures.