When you search my name on Google, “Was Grant Cardone born rich?” is one of the top questions that come up. I’ll tell you the truth.

Listen, I grew up in Lake Charles, Louisiana, in a 1,400 square-foot home with seven people. 

My dad never made more than 50 grand a year, which was alright back then. But when my father died, he left my mom — who had no education and who’d never had a job in her life — with five kids to raise on her own.

Does that sound like a rich upbringing to you?

The Truth: Was Grant Cardone born rich?

You see, I didn’t have a father who could lead me to the land of the rich. He couldn’t lend me a million dollars for my first real estate deal. Or assist with political connections through introductions at country clubs. Or show me the ways of business.

And I guess you too can relate to that. You want to do better, but you don’t know how.

Maybe you grew up like me without a dad or a direction. Or maybe you had a dad and that was worse than having no dad.

Well, guess what? You don’t have to be born rich to be rich.

Because all you have to do is commit to an idea. Whatever that idea is — investing in real estate, opening an ecom store, becoming a personal trainer, etc.

Decide 100% to go all in on that idea until it is massively profitable for you. Then — and only then — can you think about creating other sources of income.

For me, that “idea” was sales. For six years all I did was improve my sales skill. And It didn’t matter if I was working, driving, at lunch, or on a weekend. I would roleplay and learn sales.

Fast forward a few years, not only did I make a fortune selling and teaching how to sell, but some people call me one of the greatest sales experts in the world.

Long story short, no, “Grant Cardone wasn’t born rich”. He put in the work to get these billions, with 10X thinking and 10X actions.


  1. Hey Grant; You’re the REAL DEAL. You gotta get out there when others say “nah nah nah”, “not today”, “maybe tomorrow”, What Ev Er. It’s never wrong to put out some EFFORT to get what you want, PUSH and learn and help others.
    I work for a non profit and will continue to do so. But you’re right. When you HELP people, really HELP people and exchange valuable needed and wanted things to handle and change life then you’re rich. But one does have to keep an eye on the income and when you can really help, people should and will pay. So bless you. Rain never killed anyone unless they were ready to be killed. Haaa Haaaa.


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