What if I told you there are some deals that are easier to close than others? The secret is to make contact with prospects who are revved up and ready to roll. In other words, you have to master warm calling… 

To do so, you have to know: 

  • Whom to call
  • What to say
  • What mistakes to avoid

So, in this article, I am going to give you my insights from nearly 40 years in sales

Keep reading to make more sales — fast — with my unbreakable warm calling method… 

What Is a Warm Call?

To master anything, you have to completely understand it. That being said, let’s get a full and clear definition of the “warm call.” 

A warm call is when you contact a potential customer whom you or your company has made prior contact with. This person may or may not have previously shown interest in your product or service. 

The important thing is the familiarity with you, your company, or your offer. This results in these calls feeling more casual and friendly. 

Still, that is not the only distinction between warm calling and its counterpart, cold calling 

Warm Calls vs Cold Calls: What’s the Difference?

Warm and cold calling are two sides of the same coin. They are both important to a successful sales strategy… But you also have to recognize their differences. 

The main distinction between cold calling vs warm calling is the number of times the prospect has been contacted.

By definition, a cold call is one where you reach out to someone to whom you have never spoken. This person hasn’t shown interest in your product or service, and they may not even know your brand exists. 


The conversion rate of a cold call is much lower than a warm call, but it can be done.

For now, let’s get you winning as a sales rep with warm calls first…  

5 Unbreakable Warm Calling Scripts, Types, and Tips

Before we get into the brass tacks of warm calling, you need to take an additional step to ensure they are effective…


If your offer is truly a solution that saves others time and money, don’t you want those you care about to take advantage of it

Keep that in mind as we go through these warm calling tips and scripts… 

1. Power Base

I talked about the power base concept in my article on sales prospecting. However, I’ll go over it again here before I lay out the script for this warm calling category. 

Your power base contains the people closest to you in your life. Everyone has one. This group includes your family, friends, customers, past relations, employees, and even past schoolmates. 

The purpose of the script below is NOT to sell the members of your power base. It is to get back in touch with them. Remember, these are friends and loved ones. 

Your product may not even be for them, but they may know someone who does need it. 

To keep this warm call friendly, use this script… 

Script for the Power Base Call

“(Their name), you have been on my mind, and I wanted to catch up with you. It’s been a while since we talked. Am I getting you at a bad time?” 

Here, you will either get permission to keep going or ask when a good time to call them back is. If they have a few minutes to talk, continue…

“What have you been up to lately?” 

Then, listen and chat for a while. Again, the purpose of this sales call is to reconnect. After a few minutes, transition to this…

“Hey (name), I would love to get together with you for lunch (coffee, etc.). When would you be available?” 

At this point, set up an appointment to see them again. If you reached them through their work phone or other means of contact, get their personal cell phone number as well. 

Additionally, you are going to follow up on this — and the rest of these warm calls — with a handwritten note and email

You may not see it now, but a warm calling strategy can result in the biggest and easiest deals you’ll ever close. So, make these calls, and let’s dive into the next category… 

2. Service Customers

The second type of warm call you can make is to the service customer. 

They are previous buyers — whom you may or may not have sold — getting service from your company. This category also includes those making complaints. 

Here are some examples of service customers:

  • Getting repairs at car dealerships
  • Received a damaged package
  • Billed incorrectly for a recurring payment, etc.

Small-minded salespeople neglect the enormous opportunity of calling on these clients. They see them as “problems” or exclusive to the service department. Nonetheless, they are as loyal to your product and company as they come. 

Use the following script to keep yourself in the front of these clients’ minds when they want to make their next purchase… 

Script for the Service Customer Call

There are two variations of this word track, depending on whether the buyer is there for service or calling in with a complaint

The only difference is how you will initiate the conversation with the customer. 

Version One: Customer Needs Routine Service

“I’m happy to help you, (sir, ma’am, name, etc.). Let me show you the options we have for (your service packages).” 

Then, let them decide. 

“Great choice.”

Afterwards, maintain a positive attitude and ensure you handle their service smoothly during the whole process. That’s when you can transition into qualifying them for their next purchase

“Great! Now that’s handled, next time you buy a new (product), what will you be looking for?” 

Sometimes, you can move into the sales process right away. But if you don’t then, you are the person they know they can count on

The other version I mentioned can also result in a loyal buyer. You just have to begin the right way…

Version Two: Customer Complaints

The first step to turning a complaint into a closed deal is overcommunication. And the next step is ensuring the issue is resolved with above-and-beyond service…

“I apologize for the (issue). I would be more than happy to help you. It is 100% our fault this happened. I’ll take care of it right away.” 

If possible, get contact data to provide updates on their problem. Once you fully handle the complaint, you will follow up with a few questions…

“Was this handled correctly? Did you receive help? Is the problem solved?” 

Only when the buyer is entirely happy can you move into qualifying as in the version above. Although these clients are unhappy at first, they can become some of your best customers

Solve these warm leads’ pain points and you’ll close more deals

Similarly, this third group also needs your attention… 

3. Sold Customers

If you can’t call people who have paid you, you are in trouble.

The sold customer category is fairly self-explanatory. They are buyers you have transacted with in the past whom you haven’t contacted in a while. 

There are five reasons you are going to leverage warm calling to reactivate this client:

  1. Remind the customer you are there. 
  2. Serve the buyer if needed.
  3. Update their contact information.
  4. Set up a personal visit.
  5. Get referrals. 

Ideally, you should make 10 to 15 of these phone calls per day to keep your pipeline full. This is the format to follow…

Script for Warm Calling the Sold Customer 

“(Their name), you bought from me (X amount of time) ago. Remember me, (your full name)? I’ve been thinking about you and wanted to make contact. Have a minute?” 

Always get their agreement so you have their full attention. 

“Wanted to thank you again for your business, see how things are going, and if there was anything I can do for you at this time.” 

After getting answers to all those questions and handling any outstanding problems, you’re going to accomplish several other objectives. 

  • Schedule an in-person visit with the buyer or provide them with some added value to their purchase. 
  • Fulfill any other needs you can — service, recommendations, etc.
  • Ask for other people they know whom your product can benefit. 

In today’s market, no customer is guaranteed to stay your customer unless you’re the one following up

With that in mind, let’s talk about a group of potential clients that some of you are terrified to talk to again… 

4. Unsold Customers

Throughout your sales career, it is inevitable to have prospects you couldn’t close — the unsold customers. 

But just because you couldn’t sell them doesn’t mean they’re no longer a lead or opportunity

Whatever excuse you think negates that is unimportant… 

They don’t have good credit…

Your product isn’t the right solution for them…

I don’t even care if they bought a similar product from someone else. The worst-case scenario is you move them into your power base. 

Anyway, despite these calls being warm, don’t expect unsold customers to be too friendly at first. Nonetheless, this script is going to help you change that…

Script for the Unsold Customer Call

“Hey, (your name) here. I worked with you (X amount of time) ago on that project and we weren’t successful. I’m calling to see if you ever made a purchase. Is this a good time?” 

Once you secure their agreement, they will reply with a yes or no. From there, you have a couple of responses. 

If their response is yes, you will maintain a positive attitude and say…

“Great! How is it performing? Why did you choose that (model, plan, etc.)? Is there anything I can do to improve your experience with your (product)?” 

This immediately positions you as a source of solutions and the person to convert them to a service customer. 

On the other hand, if they say they never ended up moving on a purchase, ask…

“Why not?”

The unsold customer’s responses will give you clues as to what may have gone wrong. You will then prompt them with…

“I understand. Well, we have great, new inventory and offers if you’re still considering buying. Does that interest you?” 

If they are, arrange a time to stop by in person and present the offers. However, if it’s not a priority, do further fact-finding to see what they are looking for the next time they want to do a deal like this. 

The value of this call lies in data and more people in your pipeline. CONTRACTS EQUAL CONTACTS.

So why are you not doing business where YOU spend your hard-earned cash? 

5. Where YOU’RE a Customer

Contacts equal contracts. So why are you not doing business where YOU spend your hard-earned cash

Guys, this warm calling group is a no-brainer…

You’ve been giving these people money for years. Why wouldn’t you want some back? 

Nonetheless, you need a reason to call on this business owner, a reason to stop by. 

Here’s what you’re going to say…

Script from Customer to Salesperson

“Hi, (name of business owner). (Your name), here. Do you remember me? I’ve been doing business with you for (X amount of years).” 

At this point, you may have to remind him of who you are a little further. This person has a lot of customers.

“Yes, that’s me. Let me ask you a question. Are you available this afternoon or is tomorrow morning better for you? I’d like to come by. I need you for some help.”

Nail down an appointment. Double confirm the time, and make sure there is no reason they couldn’t meet with you. 

When you sit down with the business at the scheduled time, you will begin… 

“Thank you for meeting with me. I’ve been doing business with you and I appreciate it. Now, I want to talk to you about how I can assist you with (your product).” 

Right then and there, you can go into your sales pitch and dive into the sales cycle.


Overall, the goal of all warm calling is to close more deals

I’ve laid the foundation and given you the scripts. However, that alone is not going to make you a master. 

There is one last step to grabbing your lion’s share of these hot leads…

The Ultimate Opportunity to Master the Warm Calling and Sales Game

To maximize the opportunity that warm calling creates, you need to be solid on the entire sales cycle, know these word tracks like the back of your hand, in addition to a final detail…


First, there is the slow way of making new contacts one by one, gradually over time… 

Or you can register for my Unbreakable Challenge and meet countless like-minded entrepreneurs looking to grow their power bases and learn how to 10X their revenue. 

The choice is yours. 

In the meantime, pick up the phone for these warm calls and close some deals. 

Be Great, 

Grant Cardone

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