Conquering your fear is not easy, but it is critical to your success. Fear may have held you back from calling a client, taking the risk to invest in a new company, or maybe even moving to a new city or even a new country for a big opportunity—even taking a relationship to a more serious level. Fear has a way of keeping people unable to move forward and one of the most common questions I’m asked is, “Grant, how do you deal with fear?” Fear is something I know much about. I was broke in my 20s and I didn’t even have a car. My life was filled with noise about scarcity and I was surrounded by limited thinking. I lacked direction. I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. The worst thing was that I was afraid and this fear was consuming me. Even into my 30s, after I had started finding my way, this fear continued to torture me in my personal and professional life. I had used drugs and they never seemed to make me more secure, certain, or confident. The only thing that I have found to truly conquer my fears has been action. I found strength and confidence in doing the very things that scared me the most. Without exception, not a single thing I had been afraid of was as threatening as I had imagined it to be. Our success and failure are tied directly to how we handle fear. Do you open the door to a new opportunity and then write down a list of reasons why you can’t pursue it? Is someone else doing it better already? Is the market not ready for that service, product or idea? Can you not afford to take the risk to invest? Do you look for something or someone else to blame for keeping you stuck? I guarantee you that you are afraid. It’s normal. I still get afraid, but these days instead of holding me back it is a jolt that I want to get. When you use fear as a fuel, as an obstacle that you can to turn into a solution, you become stronger, clearer and more driven. You start to look for things that make you scared and new ways to take risks. Here is a simple exercise on how to start facing your fears and take control of your success: 1. Write down your goals. 2. Write a list of your fears. As you write your fears you will see, right there in your own handwriting, how these fears are the walls between you and your goals. You must assume all responsibility for why you are not moving forward! It’s fear! If you want more money, more freedom, and more wealth in your life, you must learn to use fear as fuel—and I’m not just talking about money when I say wealth. Get a bulldozer and begin knocking these walls of fear down, one by one. It’s rough. You’ll get tired and want to quit. Push harder. I went through it. If you stick with it and get really honest with yourself you will get your fears handled, one by one—trust me. When you do what you fear you’ll notice opportunity coming your way. Why? Because when you can handle the fear you can handle the success. More wins start to come for every brave step forward you take. I recently created a never-before-seen exercise that will help you overcome these fears. It is a 5-page exercise with 6 videos where I walk you through them. I’ll also be giving a massive 3-4 hour live talk on this topic, what I call The 10X Rule, as a coaching session on July 29th at 5 PM EST. Invest in yourself. Be great, GC
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