Vuyiseka Silenge, 10X Hub Entrepreneur

The Grant Cardone Foundation believes that financial literacy is the key to a better world. Still, making the decision to go into your business for yourself is always a scary step to take. Despite that, 10X Hub entrepreneur Vuyiseka Silenge took the plunge to kick off the Sibanye Fashion brand… 

Vuyiseka Silenge is a 34-year-old mother of three from the Eastern Cape who originally had no plans of entrepreneurship. 

After graduating from high school, Vuyiseka took a traditional career path and became a hospice worker. 

However, she was put in a difficult situation when her employment contract was about to expire and the healthcare facility did not wish to renew it…

The Beginning of Sibanye Fashion

Silenge quickly pivoted and took the seamstress skills she used to sew her own clothes to start Sibanye Fashion. The brand focuses on custom and traditional garments

“To make money on your own is always better than doing it for someone else,” the designer says. 

Nonetheless, Vuyiseka Silenge discovered that running your own company is easier said than done. She struggled with pricing her products appropriately as the cost of goods fluctuated. Additionally, she was unsure how to promote Sibanye effectively. 

Lucky for Vuyiseka, that’s what the 10X Hub was built to teach… 

Vuyiseka Silenge, 10X Hub Entrepreneur

Vuyiseka Silenge Using 10X Tools to Make Dreams Come True 

Once the ambitious seamstress connected with the 10X Hub, she was able to fit all the pieces together

“I’ve learned a lot. I literally didn’t have a clue how to go about growing my business and what to do,” Vuyiseka says. “This has taught me exactly what I need to do. [I’ve learned] long-term planning to ensure success on all fronts, especially the relationships with my clients.” 

In our interview, Silenge shared that her favorite part of her trade is bringing her clients’ vision for a piece to life. She likens it to “making dreams come true.” 

Finally, with the tools from the 10X Hub and her own creativity, Vuyiseka can bring more of that magic into the world. Now, she can provide for her family and be at the forefront of her own income

The future is dependent upon entrepreneurs like Vuyiseka Silenge taking the reins and making their lives better… 

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