I feel it is such a huge compliment that so many of you look up to the relationship Grant and I have. It is a responsibility that neither of us takes lightly. With that in mind, what do you think are our plans for Valentines Day 2023 as a power couple? 

Although I do martial arts and shoot guns, I am a romantic at the end of the day…

Private candlelit dinners for two… 

Abundant arrangements of roses in red, white, and pink…

Elegant diamonds set in bracelets or hanging from delicate chains… 

I enjoy all of it — especially when it comes from my best friend and the love of my life. 

These intimate moments are what Cupid’s Day is all about… right? 

Well, they are if you are an average couple, which Grant and I definitely are not. And to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

This is what we’re doing for Valentines Day 2023 instead… 

We Are Dedicating Valentines Day 2023 to Our Mission

Of course, I consider quality time with my husband precious and important. However, Grant and I decided long ago that our mission was bigger than just the two of us

We are so grateful for our personal and professional successes. As two kids from Louisiana who grew up struggling, we know the odds were stacked against us

Yet here we are….

Nearly two decades of marriage…

Two beautiful children… 

And a powerful legacy to leave behind for them. 

We know if we could do this, YOU can too. 

For that reason, Grant and I are spending Valentines Day 2023 with all of you — hosting our 10X Growth Con in Las Vegas.

In turn, we can all reach heightened levels of success together

What Real Love Looks Like

In the end, romance is great. But chocolates and cards won’t make the world a warmer place. 


That is the very love Grant and I will celebrate on Valentines Day 2023. 

With love, 


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