User Experience (UX) is crucial if you want to keep users. People want a product, an app, a website, that is easy to use. They want something that looks nice and feels nice. They want a good experience. In order to get this Holy Grail of quality, you need UX professionals working with you from strategy to design to implementation.   So, if User Experience is so important, who is going to lead your UX efforts?   You have to decide whether to recruit members of your team internally or hire an external team.   While it may seem easy to assign this to someone in your office who’s already working for you, there are some disadvantages to recruiting internally.  
  • Your staff may not have the time to dedicate to user experience. Outside teams are dedicated to UX and aren’t jumping back and forth between different tasks like internal staff have to.
  • They might be too close to the company. An outside team has an outside perspective, which is often a more honest perspective to see what needs to change.
  • Your staff might not understand the importance of user experience like you do. External UX teams are devoted to it and believe in it, which is important for finding success.
  • They might have time and they might understand why it’s important. But do they have the track record to be as efficient and effective as an external UX team would be? Outside teams are dedicated to UX. They know exactly what they have to do to make it work.
  When making the decision to go internal or external with your UX efforts, you have to think about what is best for your project, product, and company. Make sure that the team you choose has the time, perspective, understanding, and track record to find maximum success with UX integration.   For more Pixel 506 Click here:
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