“Underpromise and overdeliver.” While customers think it sounds amazing, I don’t. For me, any kind of underpromising, under-pitching, or “under” anything is complete BS.

Why would you ever want to underpromise anything to a customer?

It’s like starting your new relationship based on a lie. All you do is lose the quality of your service, product, and business.

“I am never moderate or conservative when selling, marketing, or branding.”

As a salesperson, your job is to:

  • Communicate the uniqueness and usefulness of your offer;
  • Ensure the customer receives what you advertised;
  • Go above and beyond your promises for a top customer experience;
  • Repeat all of this to multiply leads.

If you genuinely believe that you can achieve something much bigger for a prospect, you should overpromise. This obligates you to exceed their expectations — and yours.

That’s how you overdeliver every time.

Don’t underpromise; make giant claims

In my bestselling book “Be Obsessed or Be Average“, I included some powerful examples of giant claims:

  • “Driving down the road, you see a billboard with a forty-foot Coca-Cola can and a fifty-foot straw, massive ice cubes, and fizzy bubbles so big you can’t help but get thirsty. The claim? ‘Happiness in every can!'”
  • “How about hamburger ads? Perfect sesame-seed buns, double sirloin patties perfectly grilled, shiny tomatoes, onions, pickles, and lettuce. Then they add bacon, which could make a vegetarian want to be a meat-eater.”

Then, I shared some giant claims I personally make:

  • “The value of what I offer is so high that when a customer tells me I’m double the price of a competitor, I know I am still eight times cheaper. I show them why, even though I am double the price, I offer a better deal by eightfold.”
  • “I offer the lowest cost and the highest ROI of all the companies in my space. You can shop, evaluate, and compare, and you will find the same thing.”


Obsessed people will find any way to achieve what they want. The more you push yourself to new levels, the more confidence you’ll gain. You start to develop a 10X mindset of “I can handle it,” “I can get it done,” and “I will figure it out” without a second thought.

Remember, the ultimate value-add is you. Tell the world you are the best. Tell the truth about how awesome you are, and then deliver on that truth.

Be Great,

Grant Cardone


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