The truth is there isn’t an infinite number of inquiries you will get by phone. All of them fall into one of the 10 types of inbound calls to know in this article. 

Your first step is to know them.

In future articles, I will teach you how to master each one individually. 

There are so many variables between people. The last thing you want is to add more randomity to the mix. The more you know what is going to be thrown at you, the more prepared you’ll be — especially in sales.

Understanding the difference between types of inbound calls is critical to stay stable with your customers. With this in mind, here is the groundwork for you to close more deals

The 10 Types of Inbound Sales Calls You Will Get

10Price Call

The first type of inbound call is pretty self-explanatory.

In this situation, a prospect is calling to find out the cost of your product or service. 

9Ad Call

When someone calls from a piece of media (e-mail, print ad, social media post, etc.) it is an ad call.

They could be asking about an offer or model they saw. Either way, it is in this category. 

8Availability Call

“Do you have X?” is how these conversations usually start.

I want you to take a note here. Even if you don’t have whatever “X” is, you can still make a sale. 

7General Call

Your client is looking for information about your product or offer with this type of inbound call.

However, calls like this are not about financing. Different financial issues have distinct handlings for each one. 

6Appraisal Call

Inbound calls of this variety are specific to industries where you accept trade-ins from your clientele.

Even if you aren’t in those fields, you need to know about this call and how to handle it. 

5Interest Rate Call

Again, this one is self-explanatory as many of the finance-based ones are.

Still, it has a very specific script to take care of the person calling on your business. 

4Down Payment Call

“How much do I have to put down?” is the main question asked here.

A lot of elements are involved in this call, so get solid with all its moving parts.

3Credit Problem Call

Learn to be a problem-solver and you will become a master closer.

If they’re concerned about their credit, they’re interested in your offer. Don’t just sell them, be of service to them. 

2‘Send Me Some Information’ Call

Realize that individuals making this type of inbound call don’t want to be confronted by salespeople. They are looking to see your product with privacy and without pressure.

Interested, real buyers make these calls. You just have to treat them right. 

1‘I’m Calling for Someone Else’ Call

In this last call, your caller is the gatekeeper to the decision-maker. This may or may not be the case.

The trick to this call is finding out and getting in front of the person who will make the ultimate decision. 

Finally, these are the ten types of inbound calls you will receive.

At some point, you will even get calls that are a combination of several types. That’s why you need to be familiar with every one. 

And if you really want to become a master of the sales game, check out my industry-leading training platform, Cardone University.

All in all, know your inbound call game and be great,

Grant Cardone 


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