Having the ability to hire the right people for the job that understand your company’s values can be challenging. Through trial-and-error, LinkResearchTools’ (LRT) founder Christoph C. Cemper, has discovered the only two job interview questions you will ever need to filter out the people who will not be a good fit and find the ideal candidate.

The first and most important job interview question you must ask: “What does my company do? What do we sell?”

It may seem like a pretty standard, straight-forward, easy to answer question right? You would be surprised to learn that more than 50% of the people that apply and take the time to show up at your office will still not know what is going on inside your company. How can they help you and improve your business if they don’t even know what it is? If they can’t answer a simple question like this, they are out.

The second, and just as important, interview question is: “Which job are you applying for, what would you do in my company?”

It is unbelievable the amount of people that will do the bare minimum of sending their CV and still show up without thinking about what the responsibilities of the position would entitle or even reading the job description. Don’t waste your time asking questions about your candidates life stories and what they are looking for.

Christoph C. Cemper’s team is fast-paced, requires high performance, and delivers high-quality work. He faces a constant challenge with new clients, competitors, algorithms, and products coming up on a daily basis. Christoph C. Cemper is looking for somebody that can develop themselves, their team, his products, and grow his company overall.

If your are in a position where you hire people, don’t settle for less than what you are looking for. Hire great people when you find them, and with these questions you will.

If you want to work with Christoph C. Cemper and his amazing team, in an exciting industry, and think you can make a difference, send your application through the link here. We gave you the advantage of knowing the first two questions, use it.

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