Hard Truth Illustration

It’s a hard truth that may sting a bit… 

But that’s why it’s called a “hard truth.” 

I had a hard truth strike me back in the ’80s when I did my 1st real estate deal with $3,000 bucks in Bellaire, Texas. 

And while it stung… It also set me free and placed me on the path to true wealth creation. 

Now, contrary to Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men… I think you CAN handle the truth, and here it is…

Most Workers Never Get Rich

But wait… What about the wealthy business owners, CEOs, and celebrities we hear about?

They’re “rich,” right? 

Listen to me on this because it’s important. 

Can you build a business or climb the corporate ladder and do very well for yourself?  Yes. 

But you’re still a worker, and that alone won’t get you true wealth. 

The kind that makes money while you sleep. 

The kind that allows you the freedom to do what you want, when you want. 

And the kind that led to the famous quote from Warren Buffet… 

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

See, that 1st property I bought? 

It only paid me $200 bucks a month.  And even that dried up as soon as the house needed a new roof. 

But it taught me the hard truth, which turned into an invaluable lesson. 

Buy tangible assets that appreciate in value, pay positive cash flow, and make money while you sleep. 

That’s the path to true wealth, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. 

But Why Real Estate?

What about investing in stocks? 

Sure.  You could go that route for the long haul, and according to which source you look up, you might come in earning around 8-9%. 

But, with all the volatility?  That’s a no-thanks from me. 

Plus, try to take out a loan from Chase Bank to buy Chase stock and watch how fast they lead you to the door.

How about Crypto?  Ahem… Dogecoin. 

But with real estate?  Let me count the reasons why.

– It’s time-tested.

– In my opinion, the hottest market is right here in the US.

– Tax advantages (check with your accountant). 

– The ultimate way to build net worth. 

Not to mention… 

We’re Becoming a Renter Nation

“US will become a renter nation…” – Yahoo Fiance 

“Renter Nation: Housing Trend Creates Opportunities for RE Investors” – Jetset Magazine

“The rise of renter nation and why it’s here to stay” – Housing Wire

See, love it or hate it, that’s the direction we’re headed.

And with home prices and interest rates skyrocketing…

The rental market has nowhere to go but UP. 

And I haven’t even talked about the 6 ways you can make money with real estate yet.

1) Appreciation.

2) Depreciation.

3) Refinancing Capabilities.

4) Tax Advantages. 

5) The Ability to Exit at a Profit.

And, of course… 


See, since that 1st property in Texas, I’ve moved into 38 units, 48 units, 92 units…

And today?  I’m sitting on $4 billion in AUM.

And if this small-town guy from Lake Charles, Louisiana, can do it…

Maybe you can do it too.

But you have to learn how to play the game to win. 

That’s why I’m hosting a FREE webinar where I’ll cover everything above and more. 

Plus, I’ll reveal the lessons I’ve learned over 30+ years of investing so you can start learning how to play the game for yourself. 

It’s free.  It’s virtual.  And it’s going down on November 19th. 

So, if you can handle the harsh truth and you’d like to potentially escape the “work until you die” trap…

Grab Your Free Spot Now

Keeping it real,

Grant Cardone

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