Wealth and the myths around it One of my friends is an entrepreneur. He has done very well for himself. A couple of months ago he was visiting his mom. During the course of the conversation, his mom started telling him why she does not like businessmen. She said that all businessmen are wealthy and corrupt. He then gently reminded her that he was a businessman too. She immediately responded to him that HE was different. He was honest and worked very hard. This story started me thinking. 95% of us come from non entrepreneurial families. What are we indoctrinated from our childhood? Some things like the following: 1. Study hard 2. Get a job, preferably a government job. 3. Be cautious with money 4. Money doesn’t grow on trees 5. People with money most probably made money because they were corrupt. 6. Wealth corrupts. 7. It’s wrong to have a lot of money I mentioned some of the indoctrinations. However, there are more where this comes from, don’t you agree? Grant Cardone, the world’s greatest salesman ever and my long distance mentor calls this the middle class mentality! He gets off on this mentality. He believes that this mentality is the single biggest obstacle in people’s path to success! I fully agree with him! I am of the opinion that if you don’t believe in a concept or if you are indoctrinated with a concept that puts wrong beliefs in you, you will never succeed. I was at a training where the coach asked us to write 3 things that come to our head when we think of sales people. All of us around the table wrote things which were similar to the following: 1. Sales people cannot be trusted 2. Snake oil salesmen 3. They are untrustworthy Once we were all done, he told us that we were all businessmen. That means we had to sell our products and services. If we don’t believe in salesmen, how would we ever be able to sell? He made a lot of sense! If we substitute salespeople with “wealth”, I bet you that you would have a lot of negatives to say about wealth. If you have negative beliefs of wealth, how will you ever become wealthy? Isn’t this food for thought? I believe that wealth is an enabler. It helps us to have a better standard of living. It also helps us to help this world to be a better place. For those who wish to be wealthy, I suggest the following exercise: 1. Write down your beliefs about wealth 2. Identify negative beliefs 3. Replace them with positive beliefs on paper 4. Write down the positive beliefs every day (if possible twice) Watch and see the miracle happen! Learn more at http://partem.me


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