I always have business owners asking me what my “secret to successful leadership is”…

And while the question has good intentions, not a lot of people understand how SIMPLE it really is. All you need to be a remarkable leader is trust… Here’s why:

Trust is the key to successful leadership

If people don’t trust you—to help them, to complete something, to lead—then you’re not being a good leader. Sounds harsh, but it’s true!

Ask yourself this: Would you follow someone you didn’t trust? No, you wouldn’t. So you want to have that same mentality when YOU’RE leading people. 

To build trust, a leader must exhibit these three things…


You need to be competent enough to unstockderstand your environment and the people that are in it. 


You have to be able to connect with your team, with the people you’re leading. Without connection, people lose interest and your leadership is discredited. 


Character makes trust possible… and trust makes leadership possible. 

To think…

If you come to work every day and you blow by your team. You don’t say good morning, you don’t ask them, “what are the top priorities and how are we going to accomplish these today?”, and you don’t engage them… you’re in trouble.

That’s not being a successful leader. That’s being a boss. If you think that what you’re doing is more important than anything else in the business, you need to reevaluate how you view your team’s contributions. 

What we need to realize is that the total sum of everything that happens in your business is equally important because it either adds value to, or deteriorates from, what your magnitude, mission, and brand is. 

Being a leader is hard work, but it’s even more rewarding when you’re able to measure your level of impact on your team and business. Schedule a call with my Cardone Ventures team to learn how to be a remarkable leader that’s respected for their results.

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