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It’s not every day you share a stage with the 45th President of the United States

And while I spent an hour on stage with Donald J. Trump in March this year, he told me an old story…

One that contained a brand-building business secret I believe could help grow your business, starting from today…

And I’m going to reveal it to you, here.

See, earlier this year, I held my annual 10X Growth Conference in Miami, Florida…

And in case you’re unfamiliar with my 10X Growth Con events, here’s some perspective…

The 10X Growth Conference is the biggest business conference on the planet, helping entrepreneurs learn how they could skyrocket their sales, scale their marketing efforts, and make their brands massive.

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(I’m keeping my special guest list close to my vest… but when you consider previous speakers at these conferences have included Kevin HartUsherJohn TravoltaFloyd Mayweather, and even former US Presidents… you know this guest list is going to be good!)

At 10X Growth Con 2022, President Trump was the first speaker to take the stage.

During the interview, we covered a lot of interesting ground…

Such as how shrewd a businessman his father was. Donald J. Trump told us his father, Fred, took an effective but expensive roach-killing product, sent it to his MIT scientist brother for analysis – and found a way to produce a similar product at half the price!

He also spoke about his haters, of course… and how the attention he gets from them can be positive for his brand, too.

But one of my favorite parts of the interview came about halfway through…

You see, I was talking to President Trump about real estate investing.

And because Donald J. Trump is one of the world’s most prolific real estate investors, I wanted to get some serious intel out of him.

He dropped plenty of value bombs, of course…

But as he got talking about his famous Trump Tower building in Manhattan, I got one of my biggest takeaways from his speech.

He spoke about how he identified the site for Trump Tower at the corner of 57th Street and Fifth Avenue, in New York — and how he thought it was a great plot of land.

The legendary jeweler, Tiffany, had the corner lot…

But he wanted to buy the surrounding buildings.  

And buy them he did!

Now, initially, he thought about calling the site Tiffany Tower

After all, he had the rights and his lawyer told him he could use that name.

But then he started to get more courageous and toyed with the idea of calling it Trump Tower instead.

He was really unsure about it.  It was a big decision, after all.

Finally, he went to one of his most trusted friends and asked for their opinion.

And his friend said to him… 

“When you change your name to Tiffany, call it Tiffany Tower.”


That’s how you do it.

Go big or go home!

And therein lies the brand-building secret you can start applying to YOUR business, right now.

See, whether you love Donald J. Trump or you hate him…

There’s no denying he has one of the strongest brands on the planet…

And the reason he has this powerful brand is because he thinks BIG.

He’s not afraid to put his personality front and center of everything he does…

He’s not afraid of criticism…

And he shows conviction with every move he makes in business.

He puts his NAME on things.

He has the confidence and the courage to stamp his personality all over his brand.

This is something I’ve done for many years, too…

And I think YOU should have the same courage!

Now, the number of value bombs being dropped all over that stage in Miami this spring were too many to count…

But if you missed that event, don’t worry.

In February 2023, I’m going even bigger and better…

Because 10X Growth Conference 2023 is coming to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada…

And you’re invited!

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The tickets are dwindling already…

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Even I can’t 10X the number of seats in that building!

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Keeping it real,

Grant Cardone

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