Traits of Great Sales People – Never Give Up on the Unsold

Grant Cardone and Cardone Sales Training Technologies recently created new content for it’s web-based online sales training platform and we wanted to share it with you. As you probably know, Grant Cardone and his sales training organizations provide sales training, sales management and sales consulting to Fortune 500 companies internationally. One of the very large sales organizations we work with asked Grant to create content for our online sales training university that focuses on the traits of great sales people and Sales Leaders. We have created short sales training video vignettes so that their sales team, sales managers, and sales organization could disseminate the information internationally; and management would be able to KNOW what their people were viewing and training on each day. Cardone University is that online sales training platform—with over 12 million video training segments viewed! All the content is written and delivered by Grant Cardone, who is a New York Times best-selling author, TV pundit, business expert—who many view as the number one authority on sales in the 21st Century. He became known for his challenge of old sales approaches and promotes transparency, shorter sales cycles and using technology to assist buyers in the purchase decision. In this segment Grant Cardone discusses the importance of never giving up on unsold clients as a trait of great sales people. “Great sales people,” he says, “know the unsold will become the sold at some point and consider the investment in continued follow up a smart investment. This takes work—I’m telling you—it’s difficult. Because you start thinking a lost sale means no-way, ever. But if you can make that transitions and start thinking the way the greats do, they continue to follow up on the unsold knowing, ‘Hey, I invested the last three months in this client. They went with somebody else. I need to keep investing time.’ It’s difficult to do, but being great is difficult. Consider the lost sale not as something lost, but as an investment made that hasn’t paid off yet. It’s a great way to differentiate yourself in the market place by continuing to follow up, even on those lost sales—that future investment in your future, your business, so you to can be great.” From sales training on customer service, cold calling—inbound and outbound calls, filling your pipeline, follow up, negotiations, selling and closing—every business situation and solution. Grant covers it all the number online sales training site in the world today, Cardone University. Designed and ready to be accessed from all your mobile devices, you can take Grant Cardone with you anywhere and have the confidence, the tools, and the knowledge readily available to handle any situation. Sign up at Cardone University today!


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