Trader Joe's

For the second time this year, crowds are flocking to their local Trader Joe’s to get their hands on the brand’s latest viral product.

To have one product break the internet is what businesses dream about…

But to have two hot-ticket items go viral in one year has experts asking…

How did a grocery store manage this?

Trader Joe’s Success In… Miniature Bags?

Trader Joe’s is going viral again for introducing two summer-themed miniature cooler bags to its tote bag lineup. 

The two bags are just big enough to fit a six-pack of soda cans, but the bags are selling out at locations all across the country


This makes it the second time Trader Joe’s went viral for selling mini bags

With the brand making headlines for selling tiny versions of its signature tote bag…

Similarly, the totes were ALSO being resold and bought by eager fans.

How did the grocery chain strike gold twice? 

Oddly enough, the rabid success of the bags is not by design. In fact, the company was seemingly caught completely off-guard by the virality. 

Trader Joe’s does not have a very contemporary social media presence. The most that they use it for is to highlight episodes of their podcast and well-staged images of their meals. 

In their case, it was the fans who did the heavy lifting of promoting the bags. 


Mini cooler bags from Trader Joe’s!! These are SO cute!! The store I went to had them behind the counter because last time when they had the mini tite bags, people went crazy!!! And I’m glad they decided to hand them out to each customer to prevent all the chaos! #longbeach #minicoolerbag #traderjoes #traderjoesreview #traderjoesfoodreviews #traderjoeshaul

♬ original sound – Gee Trips and Eats

Fans across different social media platforms rallied behind the products. Once they reached a large enough audience…

They started selling out. 

But what makes them so appealing to begin with

It actually has more to do with Trader Joe’s tapping into the science behind virality and popular products.

How Viral Products Work

The same can be said for any product that goes viral, not just in Trader Joe’s. 

Products that have taken over social media…

Stanley Cups…

Nike Sneakers…

Even the plushies at Five Below

All have one thing in common…


Having an item that is hard to come by when seemingly everyone is looking to have it does a couple of things: 

  • It makes you seem distinct and like an insider
  • It says something about who you are
  • Gives you social points. In short, it makes you look cooler to your peers. 

Not to mention, viral products like the Trader Joe’s mini bags, are more often than not products that can be seen in public (wearables like bags and shoes)…

And they are considered “low-cost public consumables…”

Which means that they’re cheaper luxuries than the average household can afford. 

In short, you don’t need to be a millionaire to take advantage of the cool factor these viral items bring you. 

Flying Off The Shelves

In short, Trader Joe’s provides a case study regarding how simple products can make it big…

And if a humble grocery store can do it, anyone can. 

Be Great, 

GCTV Staff

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