Toys R' Us Ad

Ahead of Toys R’ Us coming back as a brick-and-mortar presence, the brand put out a cutting-edge ad. Unfortunately, it is making waves for all the wrong reasons. But, why is there such a strong public response? And, is it really that bad? 

Check out all the details below, then decide for yourself… 

There is NO Middle Ground About AI Toys R’ Us Ad… 

On June 28th, Toys R’ Us made history as one of the first major corporations to release a completely AI-generated ad. 

The marketing team and advertising agency that created the ad used OpenAI’s Sora program to produce the project. 

The completely digital advertisement is called, “The Origin of Toys R’ Us.” It features the founder of the company, Charles Lazarus, as a child and reintroduces Geoffery the Giraffe. 

The short film intends to bring about brand affinity and awareness. This is the full video from YouTube… 

Although the Toys R’ Us ad was a technological milestone, the public is tearing it apart. 

Specifically, due to the child version of Lazarus not looking the same throughout the video.

Nonetheless, professionals are concerned about what this means for the future of marketing… 

How Much Work Goes Into Being “Breathtakingly Mediocre”? 

According to the Toys R’ Us team and its partner firm, Native Foreign, using AI in the ad was no shortcut…

“The Origin of Toys R’ Us” required: 

  • A team of twenty personnel 
  • Hundreds of text revisions
  • Hours of post-production editing

But, marketing vets like former Facebook global marketing VP, Mark D’Arcy, are calling it, “breathtakingly mediocre.” 

Yet, D’Arcy also said in the same comment to The Wall Street Journal:

“I would say it’s breathtakingly mediocre and that it’s breathtaking in the way it was created, and it’s as good as most advertising that is made this week in the world. To condemn the first people to pick up the ball and throw it, I think, is just unbelievably shortsighted.”

Additionally, despite all the work that was put into the Toys R’ Us ad it was still less expensive than traditional methods. So, regardless of the quality at the moment, we’re sure to get more of it in the future.

Let’s just hope like other technology, it gets better — soon. 

Be Great,

GCTV Staff

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