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At a Tokyo news conference Monday, the chairman of the Toyota Motor Corp. “deeply apologized” for tampering with safety certifications. An internal investigation revealed the automakers cut corners on security and quality measures. This article outlines everything you need to know about the Japanese carmaker’s revelation. 

How Did This Happen? 

As we mentioned earlier, Toyota discovered these falsified certifications through an in-house inquiry. 

Two years ago, Shinji Miyamoto — a customer service executive for the brand — began a deep-dive into issues with Toyota’s “group companies.” These sister entities take care of machinery, and parts, as well as produce smaller models for the manufacturer.  

Miyamoto’s investigation uncovered shortcuts and outright falsehoods in Toyota’s certification testing. 

Examples of these include: 

  • Inadequate collision data
  • Incomplete airbag inflation trials
  • Insufficient reporting of back-seat damage 

All that said, it is worth noting that these do not make these vehicles unsafe for the road. (Unlike the Boeing airplane manufacturing scandal.

Nonetheless, here is what you need to know… 

Toyota Models Affected by Certification Issues 

Seven models altogether were affected and three have been removed from production. The other four are older models which have not been produced by the automaker for several years. 

The Toyota models that the certification oversights affected are:

  1. Corolla Fielder
  2. Corolla Axio
  3. Yaris Cross

The public perception that this situation has caused will be difficult for the brand to overcome. It will all depend on how they continue to handle this situation and any others that arise… 

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