Grant Cardone Top Sales Secrets

Grant Cardone sales training guru created this live 3 hour sales training webinar, brought to you by Cardone University, gives you the secrets of selling that will guarantee your success in sales. To Get Access to this event click here With over 35 years of sales experience Grant Cardone is recognized internationally as a sales training leader. As a New York Times best-selling author of four books, Grant also speaks internationally. This webinar was oversold by 2000 seats and was expected to be a 45-minute presentation. Grant delivered the content himself and expanded into over 13 sales tips and over three hours of non-stop sales training! For the first time ever you can get this complete webinar, plus you can get the 7 Top Sales Secrets – Training eBook! These sales training strategies will show you how to succeed in sales at a 10X level! Highlights: • Biggest mistake you can make as a sales person that will change your production overnight • How to use the #1 Rule in Selling to negotiate for more profit • Why 87% of sales people miss quota • How to increase your price on 2/3 of your deals with 60% of your customers • How to use third parties to increase your closing ratio • Mind-blowing strategies for following up unsold customers • How to handle ‘bully negotiations’ and ‘price buyers’ • How to use Sales Training in your organization to increase sales 15% To Get Access to this event click here


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